Holy Lantern for the 4th time

AP Tokyo is having (another?) anniversary fair this weekend, and guess what they are going to release?

THAT’S RIGHT, SOME MORE HOLY LANTERN. So if my count is correct, it was released a few years ago, then there was a MTO, THEN the special sets recently, and now again.

Because clearly, the CEO of Angelic Pretty (there is a CEO, right?) won’t rest until everyone has the opportunity to acquire some variant of Holy Lantern. I am unsure if it will only be those two colorways or if they’ll all be out. I think the blue colorway is new. I know there are wine, black, white, lavender and pink (and a teal replica floating around also), so blue must be new.

At the moment, I am poor and honestly, I still only want the pink and lavender special sets I posted about before.

Apparently the Carnival dress is a big deal too, but I think that is from before my time and I don’t particularly care for it.ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Also, it appears that Ribbon Berry Bunny is coming out soooon. Not this weekend since Wonder Fortune (a followup to the recently released Wonder Memories?) will be released (also at the Tokyo store and at the Sendai store, a special set for Wonder Memories. Much wonder, very wow). I am predicting next week is when Ribbon Berry Bunny comes out and there may be a special sale this weekend? Or at least the opportunity to see it in person? It is still too soon for my wallet so I hope it is wildly unpopular so I can save up and wait for it to go on sale in a few months.



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