This was going to go with the shopping post, but decided to separate it out instead.

The other day, my boss sat down with me for a good 10 minutes to try and discuss my future plans. T_T I wish I had been forewarned so I could bring more to the chat. First, if I am going to stay local, I could stay at school and teach for the fall (if someone else isn’t offered that job first) and then maybe one of the new incoming professors will want to hire me to help set up their labs. Actually, there are a few of them I would like to work for, so I would be open to that. Option 2 is get a postdoc at the local research institute. I have mixed feelings on this.

As far as I can remember, I have wanted to work at this institute, even as far as applying for undergrad summer positions, where I was rejected (and now, I see rightfully so cause I didn’t have any research experience). I tried to go to the grad school affiliated with them…and rejected. So I already expect to be rejected by this place, even though my boss says I should hold my head up high and be proud of my (very unpublished….) work, especially since I have hands-on experience with a model organism. u_u However, a professor from that place gave a talk here last year, and I am very interested in her work.

Actually, that professor and one of the potential professors here both study zebrafish, and use it in similar manners. I had lunch with them both also (even though they probably won’t remember me…), but from that experience, they seem like awesome mentors. That is exciting. Also, this place is super close and has a gym and is apparently a good place to work (but then again I have heard bad stories about particular labs there as well). There are a few other labs at the institute I might look into also, and also some other places in town too.  I am still keen on industry.

BUT. WHAT. IF. I. DO. WANT. TO. LEAVE??? I am exhausted taking care of my Mom, and if I stay in town, I just know that merely moving out will be a struggle because I will want to stay and take care of her. But I also need to move on with my life and live on my own (or rather, with my boyfriend). And I am also not confident that I will get a job in town either. Ha I need to try and remember my boss’s words about holding my head up high with my skills. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

There is a fly meeting coming up (ha ha I still need to make a poster too…please PCR gods stop jerking me around so I can finish the data I want to put on the poster!) so I need to go to my boss again and ask if he knows anyone who will be attending that he can introduce me to. And then on my own, poke around non-academia jobs as well. And get the damn CV done and start throwing it at people. ಠ◡ಠ


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