Shopping updates

I updated the image of items I have pre-ordered this year.

Everything past July is gonna have to be from Hobbylink because I have no idea where I will be. I am predicted Ruby and Yurio will be September releases, and then I am FREAKING DONE. Other than those two items, I am saving the rest for lolita and normal clothes.

Also, the latest update on the giant Meowchis is that no, they will not be shipped in March. They are looking at April or May now. Etc etc wanting to make sure they are just right blah blah and so on. I’m not actually upset, but more along the lines of of COURSE it will get delayed. I am very much looking forward to having giant meowchis. I imagine the boyfriend is going to eventually see my hoards of meowchis and other kawaii plushies and shake his head. 🙂



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