Nakakon Outfit Plans

Of course, this may all change. But I feel a bit better now that I have a vague idea of what to wear. Also, these are certainly not perfect. I will go ahead and say that my shoe and purse choice are not ideal.

So for Friday, I plan on wearing my AP Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP.

OP, matching headbow and some pearl accessories since there are pearls on the headbow. Thanks AP for allowing me to shoehorn those in! Also, not pictured are the plain white tights I always wear. For necklaces, I have a pearl necklace, a little turtle necklace (fits the theme!) and a TPS Zombie Unicorn necklace which I’m not sure why I think it would fit. Still undecided as to which necklace to wear.

I’m picking navy flats to wear, but better shoes would be

I have these in pink, and now know I want to buy 9.5 and not 9. The reason I don’t have these is that they would not get here in time. I would have had to order them in early January to avoid CNY madness and the usual 30-days-from-China delivery anyway. Next time I am in the mood to order all the shoes, I will get these, and also get the pink ones again in 9.5.(*-`ω´- )人

For Saturday, I want to wear my Long Ears and Short Ears Brown Mushroom Kingdom JSK.

White chiffon blouse, pearl bracelets (I don’t really want to wear wristcuffs to Nakakon), and the little hair bows that came with the dress. Here I have the lolita-appropriate pink shoes, but they hurt after awhile, so I am going to have some black flats stashed in my car and change into them at some point. Lolita rules be damned, I don’t want blisters on my feet. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Ideally, I would want a cute mushroom necklace. Instead, I have this cat eating a fishcake. Not sure if I will wear this one or what. If I find a cute necklace on Friday that I like better, then I’ll wear that instead. But one cannot depends on anime conventions to have good lolita stuff, even though the Lolita Collective *will* be there.

Once more trying to decide if any of those damn cardigans from H&M would work. This one kind of works, but I KNOW it doesn’t match my shoes. But then again, once I switch shoes, I will likely not give a crap.

For Sunday (and the Tea Party), I am going to wear my AP Blue Rose Museum Special Set.

This, plus plain black tights and the navy flats. I know lots of people hate the combination of black and dark blue/navy/etc, but the only other way I can think to coord this right now would be with a white blouse, gold shoes and accessories. I don’t have gold shoes yet. I don’t even have the shoes I *wanted* to wear with this dress yet. I guess as long as I avoid any photo shoots, I will probably be safe (well, safer…) from the rage of the internet.

Better shoes are these (from Antaina).

Some people in my com got together to do a Taobao order but the stars aligned against us, and there is a 0.1% chance of these getting here in time for me to wear. Sucks. They are going to get here eventually.

Still don’t have any great bag options that really match any outfits, but also my concern here was “can I carry all my stuff with me?” rather than matching. I got this bag last year and hope there will be more Sanrio/San-X tote bags this year that are cute like this.


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