Running Errands in the Rain

All week, I looked forward to dressing up and running errands, because my life is ridiculously boring like that.

Left is what I actually wore out. F+F Puck’s Prank One-piece dress, blouse (it’s under the sweater), hair braided and with a hair bow.

Right is a mostly proper lolita coordinate. The flower veil headpiece is something I got at Paradiso last year and never wore, and now I know why. It looks stupid. It looks like something one would wear as a bride. Nope nope nope, but here I gave it a shot. Also, the wristcuffs which are stretched now. How did this happen?? Shoes are not appropriate, but if they were grey or that pale shade of blue, I think they would work better. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Something I have been mulling over is when to call an outfit “lolita”. I really enjoy wearing lolita clothes, however, I feel like I have made few improvements with shoes, and very minimal improvements with other accessories (and none with hair). So I generally err on the side of NOT calling something lolita. On my instagram, when I post images of outfits, I tag the brands and the print name, but do not mention lolita or lolita fashion at all. Partially because I don’t really want to have to explain everything to my non-J-Fashion-educated friends, but also because I am still not confident that any of my outfits are really good enough to call lolita. But on this blog, I feel a little more comfortable on tagging it because I am also explaining what I am going for. And also, pointing out the problems with (literally all of) my outfits, because I am working on it.

So back to today’s outfit. The outfit on the left is not lolita. Maybe lolita-inspired, or wearing-lolita-in-a-normal/casual way. The outfit on the right is more akin to something I would wear to a meet, except with better shoes.

Anyway, on to the stuff I did today, which was running errands and taking gratuitous pictures of my crab apple tree.

AHHH it’s so beautiful, I love it so much. And I am already feeling a bit sad that next spring, I will be elsewhere and unable to see this tree in person. The pictures do not do it justice.

But I love my crabapple tree.

This is actually from one of the apple trees in my backyard. It finally bloomed.

In tradition with the posts I did last fall where I would dress up and then eat something and write about it, this was my breakfast. Cinnamon toast and some green tea.

Lunch was a Crispy Chicken Puff and an Egg Tart from the bakery of one of the Asian Supermarkets I went to.  Looking back, since this is all I have really eaten thus far today, this would explain why I have a headache.

Also, why I bought a stupid amount of snacks and Easter candy today. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ Whoops.

Also I bought a stupid amount of tea. Because clearly I needed more green tea and jasmine green tea, and hey let’s try lavender green tea too, and then there’s matcha green and matcha jasmine which are totally different and how about rose black tea since I love roses but that one rose green tea was awful so clearly this is a good idea. ¬_¬ So in short, being completely irresponsible. I did need more tea to bring to lab for my morning caffeine, so I will drag along some of these for sure.


Krad Lanrete Beauty and the Beast Preorder

My day went as follows:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Clobba has Beauty and the Beast for sale so I buy it
  3. Ponder life as the wait begins.

Actually, Clobba says it SHOULD ship mid to late April, but there are legends of how long people wait for Krad Lanrete orders after actually ordering them. u_u Even more insane is that rumor is that after this series starts to roll out, they will start preorders for Vampire Masquerade whatever Transylvania Moonlight.

Clobba (being a Taobao Reseller) will always overcharge compared to buying from Taobao yourself or with a Shopping Service, however they are pretty much the only way to get Krad in the West. Also, I’ve had such good luck with them that I don’t mind too much. So the JSK II, the flower headband and EMS ended up being ~$270 for me. Still less than fresh, non-special set brand from AP USA, so I’m not mad.

Here is what I actually ordered:

JSK II in pink. I love JSK I just as much, but if I had to pick between the 2 (because there are other things I am planning on ordering, PLUS the vampire Krad maybe next month??), I went with the normal waist dress because the sizing looks like it will be slightly larger.

Floral headband. I was going to get the flat headband, but it was $50. Seriously. This headband was $45 actually. The cheapest option was the ribbon headband, and I am shying away from those when I can. I knew the dress would be overpriced, but I am really annoyed with how pricey the accessories are. There were wrist cuffs available too…for $37. HA HA HA nope!

I am very excited to finally own some Krad Lanrete. I’ve seen Lost at Sea in person a few times, and someone had it for sale at Paradiso last year so I got to *touch* it (cause I’m not the kind of person who would go up to someone wearing it and ask to touch their dress wtf) and while this is not Lost at Sea, this is still very beautiful and very fairytale-ish, so it fits in my aesthetic.

Ah crap, I have an aesthetic.

Gardens of Years Past

I love to garden. The past few years, I would go to the garden shop every March and pick out lots of herbs and flowers to put in pots in my back yard and take care of them all summer. Some years, I would move some of the pots into my house for the winter.  It is one of my favorite hobbies, and I look forward to having my own home someday where I can garden a lot too.

Last spring, I decided it would be my last year of gardening at this house, since I originally though I would be graduating this May. HA HA HA how silly I was, but I am sticking to that decision. I am not going to go buy a bunch of plants to grow this year. Instead, I will just try to clean up my backyard as best as I can and take care of the plants that survived the winter.

I cannot tell you exactly how long ago these chives were planted, because they come up every year no matter what. They are outlasting the containers they are in. Maybe I should move them to the larger planters that are now empty, so we can have even more damn chives.

Mom planted these a few years ago. I am not a huge tulip fan, but she likes them. Also, a few years ago, I found out one of my dear friends from grad school really liked tulips, so I would post a picture of them daily on tumblr for her.

I love lavender, and I love growing it. There are so many great reasons to grow it. It smells nice. It is fairly hardy. Bees love it. I’ve never been very good at sustaining it over the years, but this one has a little bit of fresh growth, so I hope it grows well this year.

Buds and leaves on the apple tree. We have two little apple trees in our backyard and they flowered pretty well last year, and produced apples but the squirrels got them all when they were still small. It was the strangest thing…they were all gone overnight. Maybe this year, we will be luckier.

I first planted some strawberries in pots in my backyard maybe four years ago, and then two years ago, I took some of the offshoots and planted them in the ground. The idea was for the strawberries to spread all over this one region of the yard and it would be lovely. They are still working on it, but I usually get maybe 10 nice strawberries every year. The ones from my garden taste so much better than the ones from the store. Like sunshine.

Never plant mint family plants in the ground unless you want them to take over. I planted this cat nip (related to mint! They sometimes call it cat mint) in the ground for exactly this reason. There is a small strip of land in my yard that usually becomes overrun with weeds. I tried to choke them out with strawberries but no use. So now I will choke them out with cat nip. Better than morning glories and perilla (which also will spread like crazy, so don’t plant those at all, even in pots, unless you want to live with them forever. I planted perilla in pots two years ago and it keeps coming back).

Two years ago, I started a bunch of herbs from seed, and one of those was lemon balm. Lemon balm smells like lemon, bees like it, and even better, mosquitoes don’t like it. I wasn’t expecting it to come back again, even though it came back last year too.

I usually get out and clean up my yard a bit in January, but the past six months have been really stressful in regards to taking care of Mom and the final stretch of Grad School, so I have a lot of work to do in my yard. Cleaning it up and making it look a bit nicer will be a good way to relieve stress, and maybe later this year, it will be a nice place to relax and drink tea and test drive my stupid amount of parasols. Ha.


Embroidery Update

Went to see my boyfriend this weekend and took my embroidery so I could sew a little between taking turns on Civ 6.

The rose and vines are done! However, somehow I think I got cat hair on this (hmm surely it is not because of the many cats in my life….) and the embroidery loop left indentions. I think once I am done with the four handkerchiefs I initially made, I will wash and iron them again.

Second one was all done today. A tea cup and some flowers and a heart. I wasn’t really sure what to do so I came up with on off the top of my head. It all looks kind of wonky to me, but I guess it is good practice.

The tea is hot pink because I don’t have any embroidery floss that is the same color as any tea. Well, I guess hibiscus tea is kind of bright red/pink. However, hibiscus tea is also sour as heck and I do not like it. :/ I want to get some other colors of floss.

Go home AP, you are drunk

SO MUCH in the world of Angelic Pretty today!

First, Berry Ribbon Bunny goes on sale Saturday in Japan, so tomorrow in the US (meaning if you order with Tenso from the Japan site, not that AP USA is getting it tomorrow. They will probably get it in a few weeks). The word is that it is popular already. I don’t know, the 96cm bust has smashed all my dreams but maybe it will get a more generous special set someday.<3

Laforet is doing some AP x flowery themed shop where there is ANOTHER Rose Museum special set (different from mine, and only in the original colorways of pink, ivory, mint and lavender but with a different headdress), a flowery veil headdress, $40 flowery wristcuffs, socks, jewelry and a precious Flower Princess bunny.

I am tempted, but also it is unlikely that I would be able to get this special set since it would likely require a shopping service, and there are a good two reasons I should not buy ANOTHER Rose Museum. But if I was, I would grab it in ivory.

So AP has yet another release of Holy Lantern a few weeks ago, and it is now coming to AP USA.  If I win the lottery this weekend (ha) then I would get the JSK in lavender and wine, even though I don’t like the zipper JSK. The zippers are just too…goth/punk lolita to me. Now if AP USA decides to sell some of the special sets from the Laforet Grand Bazaar…I think every time Holy Lantern goes on sale again, I will lament over missing those special sets. But then again, it IS Holy Lantern so it will probably be back.

And now onto NEW releases!

A teal/mint colorway of Romantic Cat! This is the JSK so if the size is good, this is what I will get.

Oh my god, the lavender is so cute too. I think this is the colorway that I posted before, but that one still looks more blue. It may just be the lighting. Strangely, only these two colorways were in the most recent issue of Kera. Usually there are 3 or 4 colorways. It would be odd to only have 2.

So the reason I am not going to bother with yet ANOTHER Rose Museum is that I want Romantic Cat. Hopefully it will not be super popular and I can wait a few months for a sale (I have a little saved up for it specifically, but not enough to drop ~$290 on it right now.  I think the other two colorways will be pink and maybe that darker blue color (but it seems odd to have a periwinkle blue AND lavender so who knows). I want pink, and then second choice would be lavender and then teal. I am predicting this will go on sale either next week or the week after.

The second reason is that I am patiently awaiting Clobba to announce they are taking orders for Krad Lanrete’s Beauty and the Beast. Order spots are open on their Taobao but it appears that Krad is really weird about ordering. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ So even if I was a Taobao expert, I’ll have to go through Clobba, which I really don’t mind. Just being impatient though.



Krad Lanrete – Beauty and the Beast

Just eff me up, ok? Eternal Dark, ain’t that the damn truth. UGH.

Things are not quite for sale, but pages and sizes are up! Prices are not.

High Waist JSK I, with a bust of 88-100 and waist of 72-84. High waist is also about 5cm higher than a natural waist, so take that into consideration.

Normal Waist JSK II, with a bust of 88-100 and waist of 70-86.

Floral headband, which looks better on me compared to hair bows (there is a head bow available, by the way)

Rectangular headpiece, or what they call a “hair belt KC” on their page. I like it, and I think I ought to try this kind of headpiece out.

As you can tell, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I mean, if you think deeply about the story of Beauty and the Beast, there is a lot wrong there. So much. It wasn’t even my favorite Disney movie growing up (that honor goes to The Little Mermaid, which is also a mess if you think about it too long as well).

There is only one size available for these dresses, but I would fit into both cuts. There is also a skirt which has 2 sizes, and a very cute chiffon blouse that wouldn’t fit but who cares since I just ordered a million blouses.

I really want both. I think I will order at least one of them using Clobba. Now, decisions decisions.

This makes me feel better about AP’s Ribbon Berry Bunny being too small for me (max bust of only 96cm? Jeez ;__;)

Nakakon Day 3

It’s finally Tea Party day!

LE&SE Mushroom Forest (which I always confuse for Mushroom Kingdom…). I put little buns in my hair and used the hair clips and some other pink hair clips to try and balance it out a bit more, but it looked kinda messy. Used two petticoats, plus this JSK already has a petticoat built in…to make up for the lack of poof yesterday. I wore the lace wristcuffs for this picture, but then took them off because I think the elastic in them is dying. Also, I wore a pink cardigan (not shown here) because it is COLD. Same half blouse and tights and shoes as I’ve worn before. I wore the little kitty necklace that I planned on wearing, even though it doesn’t match very well.

I got plenty of compliments today, which was nice. It seems like printed dresses earn compliments, when I think back to what I wore last year (Musical Palmer and Enchanted Forest got comments but Chiffon Lover did not) and this year. I wondered if maybe I would only get comments on my AP also, but I got a lot of comments at the Tea Party today.

I got a few pictures taken while I was at the con too, which I wouldn’t be worried about…except a picture someone took of me showed up on Facebook already (in the cosplay photo group), and my friend posted her pictures also, and she’s already been posted on other parts of the internet. ;__; They’re not being too mean about her yet, but I really hope that she doesn’t find out. I though she looked cute today ;_____; And if people were upset about her outfit today, then what I wore on Friday would certainly set people off. I’m still not great at hair, and my shoes Friday were NOT ideal. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Maybe I will just stay away from that part of the internet for a few days.

First order of business with shopping was to buy Meowchis. FINALLY got the Mango and Lychee meowchis. Actually, they had some of the Halloween limited Meowchis from 2016, and while I prided myself as collecting all the Meowchi variants for awhile…I give up. I didn’t like the zombie and pumpkin. But mango and lychee are cute, and I look forward to the upcoming flavors.

I found a mini Hanayo nesoberi yeserday but it was the Happy Maker outfit, which is fine, but I got a mini Kotori last year with the Bokutachi no Hitotsu no Hikari/We are One Light outfit last year, and that is the BEST outfit. Internet friend found a Hanayo with the Bokutachi outfit yesterday, so I though for sure I’d be out of luck. NOPE. I happened across a booth with SEVEN of them, so of course I bought one.

Side note, I wish I would have been able to meet that Internet friend, but our paths never crossed. Bummer.

I didn’t spend all the money I saved for shopping this year. I think I will put it towards my next Nakakon (which may not be next year).

The Tea Party was in a different building compared to last year. This lead to many people getting lost, because I guess even some con staff didn’t know where it would be. There was a map in the guide book, but it would have helped if they labeled the streets on the map. >_> I did not have any problems finding the location though.

This year, everyone got a free gift! I got a bracelet. Good. This is the kind of stuff I need.

THE FOOD WAS 100X BETTER THIS YEAR. Last year, the food was awful but at least there was Tazo tea. This year, there were SO many sweets. So much. It was wonderful. Actually, the things were almost too sweet for me, so I ended up not eating everything on my plate The chocolate covered red velvet cake ball was too much so I only took one bite, and I had to pick at the red velvet cake whoopie pie to eat it. I think this is all on me though. Maybe the addition of some fresh fruit would be nice. I am not complaining about the food though. Good job organizers, this was fantastic.

However, for tea we just got Bigelow, so the cheap-one-step-up-from-plain-Lipton-tea. As a tea connoisseur…actually, I don’t care because we got individual tea bags so I could steep it myself. Last year was the same deal, but Tazo tea bags (so high end grocery store tea). The year before, there was actually loose leaf tea in the pots, so that was the highest quality of tea I’ve had at one of these tea parties.  I would have picked Twinings or Stash if I was planning the tea party, but this is really nothing to complain about.

There was a raffle again, and I won nothing, but that’s okay. The prizes were gloves (cute), a blouse (probably too small even if it has shirring because Atelier Pierrot), two parasols (which I already own) and two wigs (how do I wig?!??!). Chatted with a lot of people and it was fun. In years past, they would do group photo-shoots, but I decided ahead of time that I would skip it this year. This year, there was a location set up for individual photos, but I didn’t want to get my picture taken.

Overall, this was a fun weekend! I think that I dressed pretty well this time, except for the nitpicks I have with my Friday and Saturday outfits. I was talking to one kid that I met up with a few times over the weekend and she mentioned that she was embarrassed by her outfit last year, so I told her I was in the same boat but every year, we all get better and better at this (even though I think she is already better at lolita fashion than I am…) This time next year, I hope to have outfits that I don’t have any nitpicks about, so I can wear them to Nakakon or whatever con I end up going to in 2018. The panels were pretty lame this year, but the Final Fantasy concert was amazing and I feel like I had better social interactions this year, so that makes up for the panel complaint. One always hopes that next time will be better.