Adventures with Taobao

It is not really a long story.

Soufflesong/Neverland is having a lucky pack for Women’s Day. $85 for a dress, blouse and jacket. Sounds like a great deal. However, all I really want are Butterfly Cemetery, Strawberry Rabbit and now Nightmare Charm. And I need blouses.

So I look at blouses and they have a new one on sale and it’s cute and flexible sizing and I want it. But the thing looming over me so much is their Taobao, where everything is so much cheaper.

On the worldwide site, the blouses are $19 each, so $57 for 3 and then shipping would be $25 for DHL or $30 for EMS.  That is $87. With Taobao, they are on sale for around $12 each. Shipping is a mystery but we will get to that.

Since I am messing with Taobao anyway, I may as well look at shoes. The group order we did with Clobba has shipped and will be here…soon? I have Antaina shoes on the way, but there is another shop called Sosicshop, which does lolita shoes.

Cute shoes, that go up to 25.5 (US9), THAT ARE ON SALE. So I am defeated and made my first Taobao order. Apparently you can order directly from Taobao and they will ship worldwide, but I decided to use a shopping service, TaobaoRing. Fees don’t seem too bad, and they got back to me to confirm my order and take the first payment almost immediately.

The shoes will take about a week, but the blouses (as with everything Soufflesong makes), will take 50-65 days. So it will be awhile before I get this order, unless I want to bother with splitting it. If TaobaoRing won’t hold items for me, then I will have to, and that is fine too.

I picked 3 chiffon princess sleeve blouses in black, navy and white (I ordered white, this image may actually be the apricot colorway but no matter how I stare I CANNOT TELL THEM APART IN THE PICTURES).  White to go with most of my dresses, navy to go with F+F Musical Palmer and AP True Rose Story, and Black because I am eventually going to get more gothic/dark dresses. I suppose it could go with Musical Palmer also. Then I got 2 pairs of shoes. The pink low heel shoes should go with most of my dresses, and the red high heel shoes are specific to go with my incoming LE+SE Kingdom of Fairies OP in the black./red colorway. See, I am planning ahead!

Still no good at purses and tights though. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) The advice I get on purses is to just go on Japanese Auction sites to find things second hand. I will work on that…eventually.


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