Saturday Update

Today I went out with my friend, and it was fun. We went out to have dim sum for lunch.

Love dim sum. This time we were fortunate and liked nearly everything that we picked out. It’s fun to try new things, like shrimp toast. I liked the shrimp toast, but my friend did not. No, you are not crazy, the shrimp toast is not in this picture.

Then we went to a bookstore because bookstores are the best.

I’ve always liked the art of Alphonse Mucha. Someday I would like to have an artbook of Mucha’s works for the coffee table (tea table?) in my future house.

It is really painful that the Barnes and Nobles gets items like this in stock. I love Cinderella Girls, and Love Laika and Ranko are so great, and here is the complete set, just sitting here! u__u I just took the picture and didn’t buy them. I have already bought enough stuff so far, and Nakakon is next week so I will surely buy more anime merchandise there. That’s the point of going to Nakakon, right? (*≧▽≦)

There is a new Zelda artbook out??? I had no idea. The new game was released yesterday (for WiiU, which we have but we don’t feel like buying the game yet, and the Switch, which we do not have). I will eventually get this artbook, but not today. I just wanted to take a picture of it today.

Now for the rest of the day, deal with laundry and try to relax a bit.


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