Pur Steam steamer

So I bought a steamer, so I can get the wrinkles out of dresses and those long sleeve blouses I bought last November.

Instructions are simple. Fill with water, plug in and turn on, wait for it to boil (and it will boil loudly) and then hold it in front of the wrinkles. It’s also good to try and pull the fabric taunt, but it is tricky to do that and hold the steamer all at the same time. I did my best.

First tried it out on the blouse.

After using the entire tank of water, it barely looks any better. Also doesn’t help that the lighting changed a bit. Also, considering this blouse just pisses me off more and more, I may try to iron it on super low heat and then if I ruin it, no big deal.

Then I tried it on one of my JSKs. 

There is a portion of the skirt part that was folded and I’ve yet to get the fold out. The steamer seemed to help quite a bit here. This also took an entire tank of water. Probably because the steamer I got is a pretty small one.

Overall, the steamer worked okay. I am starting to think the blouse is just awful no matter what, but the results on the JSK skirt make me pretty happy.


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