Conlitas and how to survive an Anime Con

Conlita: noun, someone who dresses up in lolita fashion only to go to anime conventions, comic book convention and/or Japanese culture festivals. Some claim this applies to people who only wear lolita to comm meetups, but that is contested.

This is what I started as, and unless I make an effort to dress in lolita fashion for other everyday, mundane events (like grocery shopping!), this is what I revert to being.

ヽ(´ー`)┌  I do aspire to be more than a conlita though.

Onto what I perceive to be the pros and cons of being a conlita.

Pro: Conlitas at a con blend in to the background of cosplay and other Japanese fashion enthusiasts, so less likely to stand out, which is a good thing for the timid.

Pro: Having a set deadline to get an outfit together means you will actively work to acquire good shoes/bags/blouses/accessories.

Con: The concentration of lolitas at a con (beyond specific lolita-themed events) is low so you may not give a crap about having the perfect (or even appropriate) shoes/bags/ blouses/accessories, so you get lazy in those aspects and it looks bad.

Pro: Save up all year for that dream dress!

Con: Is it really worth it to spend money on a dream dress to wear to just one con? You shouldn’t wear it to all the days in the con if you attend more than one day. Maybe it could be a challenge to coord it differently, but con funk is a real thing and your dress will smell weird on day 2…

Pro: You could probably get away with dressing as a lolita character and just call it cosplay if anyone calls you on it (but depending on the character, it might not actually be lolita so please just say you are cosplaying that character)

Con: People will ask what you are cosplaying as (as opposed to people on the streets asking what play you are in or if you are part of a cult…)

(눈‸눈) Writing it all out like this just makes me want to not be a conlita even more.

On to how I survive anime cons. Obviously not the end all and be all, since I regularly only attend one con, and I live in town so no need to bother with hotels. I also generally attend alone (tried to get the boyfriend to join me this year but he couldn’t afford it…he doesn’t even like anime though???)

Before the con, plan out what you will wear (if wearing lolita or any other jfashion), and make sure everything fits. Also make sure everything is clean and pressed. Have a budget for how much you plan on spending each day, and what you will do for food, whether you bring your own snacks or go out to a local restaurant or whatever. If the schedule comes out ahead of time, then pick out which events you want to attend, and buy tickets for ticketed event ahead of time. Print these out and be ready with them for the con.

During the con, make sure you stay hydrated! Ramune, soda and green tea from the snack stands are nice, but drink lots of water too. I usually bring a water bottle to refill at fountains.  Also, try to eat something healthy for lunch or dinner (or both if you can).   Don’t just eat pocky and bread all day. If the con is in a new location, then figure out where events will be held, so if there is a super popular autograph session, you can get in line early.  Bring a phone charger and a battery power pack (fully charged also!), or a spare battery. Also a good idea to bring a mini sewing kit just in case of a clothing emergency.

If there are large periods of time between events or panels, figure out what you will do- go eat or wander the vendor area? Can you meet up with people? Do you just want to find a quiet place to sit and relax for a moment? In the past, I’ve brought a journal and a coloring book so I can relax a little bit and plan on doing that again.

If it is a multi-day con, shower every night (or every morning, whatever) because you don’t want to add to the con funk. Don’t re-wear the same clothes everyday. If you only have one lolita outfit, save it for the lolita specific events or just whichever day you want. In regards to lolita, air out your petticoat at the end of the night if you have to wear it again the next day. If you are diligent, you can hand wash tights between wears and they should be dry by the next day, but it’s better to just have extras.

After the con, go home and eat something healthy. Relax and enjoy the new goodies you acquired and post pictures of things online if that is your kind of thing. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) Take a nap. Ponder if you want to go to the same con next year or not.

I’m pretty excited about the one I am going to this weekend, even though I looked at the schedule and there are maybe 4 things I am looking forward to at all. Seems like there just aren’t any anime-specific panels this year that I care about (unless they are during conflicting, more important things I want to do ha ha ha).



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