In the Midwest, weather ruins everything

Actually, not everything is ruined yet.

Tomorrow, we have a high of 71F, low of 32F. Friday (Nakakon day 1) will be a high of 48F and low of 29F…AND MAYBE SNOW. But not til late, so I’ll be home by then.

But Saturday? High of 41F, low of 29F and 70% chance of snow in the morning. The Final Fantasy concert starts at 11am so I plan on being there by 10am (last year, the lines were epic).

And then Sunday will be high of 47F and low of 34F, so not too awful.

I have been thinking about my shoe issue (before the weather issues popped up) and decided to switch the Saturday and Sunday outfits, so wear Rose Museum on Saturday and Mushroom Kingdom on Sunday to the Tea Party. There’s nothing on Saturday requiring a dress code (went to the Atelier Pierrot fashion show at Nakakon a few years ago, looked like a damn mess, and was let in anyway. That said, the show lasted a good 10 minutes after waiting forever and I was disappointed) so if I am wearing bow flats, whatever.

But now, knowing that the weather on Saturday will be crap, I don’t know what to do. I have a white cardigan I could use with Aquarium Carnival or Mushroom Kingdom in a pinch, but don’t really have any black or navy jackets that I could wear with the Blue Rose Museum long enough to get from car to inside. I suppose it doesn’t matter too much, since I plan on stuffing the jacket into my bag…

Alternatively, I am wondering if I should just say screw it and dress cute but non-lolita? But that isn’t any fun.

I’m going to continue checking the weather and hoping that the 70% chance of snow is actually just plain, boring rain. Meanwhile, there are SO MANY THINGS I want to buy.

Getting over my fear of Taobao was a mistake. (´・ω・`)



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