Krad Lanrete Vampires and Roses

These were actually announced a long damn time ago, but I either ignored it or didn’t care at the time. However, all of sudden I do care. Okay. From what I hear, Krad Lanrete takes lightyears to get anything done, but it is worth it. I am still in love with the Lost at Sea series, and upon looking at these prints, these are quite beautiful.

First, there is Transylvania Moonlight. I could go for a spooky vampire print.

Oh, it’s extra bloody.

Just an example of a colorway I like….black with more black, and then some red. I could probably coord this the same way or at least similarly to how I’ll coord the Black Kingdom of Fairies dress.

Pink???? Really??? I can see black, blue (see below), red (I think it is an option but don’t have one posted here), and then maybe white would be another good one. Or grey. But this pink looks crazy.

OH good, an example of the JSK. I like it. Went back and looked at the measurements for Lost at Sea and a few other Krad Lanrete dresses, and they make a size that would fit me. Damnit/hurray there is hope for Lost at Sea, but more realistically, for this dress too. I would pick black.  I would only wear the pink variant if someone gave it to me for free.

Next is Beauty and the Beast, which apparently people are hyped about because of the Disney movie. I could not give two craps about the upcoming Disney movie, but I like fairytale prints and this is pretty.

Lavender/pink-ish colorway of the JSK. Very pretty. This would be my first pick.

Model wearing the mint/light blue? version of the JSK. Also very pretty, but I like the pink better.

When it comes to actually ordering them (when they are released sometime, maybe even this year!), I could try Taobao, or I could use Clobba again. I cannot remember where I heard it, but apparently Krad Lanrete has (or had) a deal with Clobba where they are the exclusive overseas seller. So I don’t know if a regular shopping service would do the trick or not. Also, Krad Lanrete is considerably more expensive than other Taobao dresses (at least on Clobba, where a normal dress from LE&SE will be $150 tops, a Krad Lanrete dress will be around $240).


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