Taobao Releases Week of 3/9/2017

This isn’t even all of them. Just the ones I saw this week that make my heart flutter, and then be disappointed (in some…)

Milky Mew – Teacup and Parrot – look at these cute little birds! In teacups! They look so cranky! I really like this print, but alas, the JSK won’t fit. If only the bust went up a few more cm, it would be in that perfect +4cm range. I suppose I would fit the skirt, however I’m just not really into skirts I think.

Girl Paranoia Sweetheart Afternoon Tea set – the meme animal print you never knew you needed. It has sweets and pastries and bread and what appears to be a doge and a grumpy cat, plus a capybara? A snowman! It’s precious! The color variants are great! And of course, the JSK bust is 94cm so nope. The OP would technically fit (100cm bust) but it’s a sack dress, and there is a skirt also, but we already talked about skirts.

Arcadian Deer is doing a series, the Four Elements of Astrology. Above are designs for the Air print (featuring Aquarius, Gemini, Libra in a dark purple and lilac colorway). It will apparently be up for order soon-ish.

Below is the design for Fire, featuring Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, and will probably be in the dark red shade and another red or orange color. Maybe a light apricot. The Earth and Water prints are still being designed, but I imagine they will have a light and dark shade of green or brown, and blue, respectively.

But oh my god, I love this so much. I want one of each, seriously. I love zodiac themes and astrology, and have yet to get a starry themed lolita dress. The art itself looks so elegant and also very cute at the same time.Looking at the sizing from a previous set (Hamster Princess), the XL sizing will fit me just fine.

The lilac version of the Air dress reminds me of the lavender Kingdom of Fairies print from LE&SE which I did not pick. Pale lavender paired with ..ah I cannot actually tell if there is gold or silver or both on that dress.

And then, welcome to half -blouse hell, courtesy of Diamond Honey and Little Dipper.

I say “hell” because I need these, and once the Little Dipper ones are actually for sale, I am going to buy them. From both, I will get the pink and white, and from Diamond Honey, I will also get lavender and black. From Little Dipper, I will also get the ivory, but that grey one calls to me, but I don’t really have anything in grey right now and don’t really foresee what I would get to go with it.  Also depends on how much they are. However, I am excited and already planning a second Taobao order for these. u__u;;


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