Nakakon Day 1

Decided on the Blue True Rose Museum for today.

I would have really preferred to wear it more, but since the weather tomorrow will be silly, I decided to wear it today and have it be a good outfit instead of just questionable.

This isn’t the best picture, but you can see most of the outfit. I need better shoes, they are currently being shipped. So close. We are done commenting on my love for solid boring tights. You can’t see my other hand, but I have a black bead bracelet. I need black wristcuffs. Did I order those with the shoes? I think I am getting more white ones at least.

I tried on the choker I mentioned before and remembered that I HATE wearing chokers. So no necklace today. I would have looked for one that would work….except the Lolita Collective didn’t go to Nakakon this year. HMMM I wonder why…¬_¬ I have a pretty good idea actually…but moving on.

Just wore hair down and the headbow that came with this set. I think headbows are not for me. I was really wishing I had one of those rectangle head dresses instead. I think those would look better with my natural hair, but I hear they are out of style? Eh.

I love this dress so much. I was a little worried it would be tight, since I’ve gained a little weight, and the True Rose Story special set was a bit tight when I wore that a few months ago. However, this dress was SO comfortable and it fit well enough. This dress is slightly shorter than what I hoped. I should look for an underskirt in the same color.

I got lots of compliments from this outfit, which felt great! A few people took pictures of me (they asked and I felt awkward saying no), so I hope those pictures don’t end up on the internet somewhere…

I met up with one person today and we hung out a little bit. Not sure if there will be anyone else I will see tomorrow, but will definitely get to see people on Sunday (before and during the tea party).

The main purpose of going to Nakakon today was to get my badge for the weekend, and to buy stuff. I always try to get one large plushie everyday, so today my quest was for an Aqours nesoberi.

I only say Chika, a few Riko, and several You, so I got a You. She is one of my best girls in Aqours. Also found a small Hanayo nesoberi for a good price. There is also a cute tote bag that I bought mostly because I needed something to carry things in, and some bread and cake rolls.

Devil Kitty approves of my tote bag. It’s creepy cute, and I kinda like it. That shop had some cute stickers so I plan on going back tomorrow.

As of now, there is only a 30% chance of snow at 9am, and 45% at 10am. That’s good, right? After 5pm, the snow chance is down to 5%, so pretty much over. I worry about how much snow will stick and it says the roads may be slick. T__T That is the worst thing of all. I guess as long as I leave early, the roads won’t get too bad, I’ll be able to get there in time for the concert, and the sewing workshop. There is a lolita fashion show at 6 or 7pm, which I want to go to, but I also worry that once it gets dark, it will get colder and roads will be iffy again. ( ̄◇ ̄;) I will drive carefully, and if it’s too bad, I know routes that I can take that will take longer, but won’t be highways. Also, I need to bring stuff so I can brush snow off my car. >_> Ugh.


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