Nakakon Day 2

I was worried about cold and snow today, but while it DID snow, nothing stuck so the roads were okay. But it was still very cold.

I wore my Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP, a cardigan, plain tights, some black oxfords (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww but also we have already discussed the light blue sweet shoes that would look better with this. I was trying to prepare in case I had to dig my car out of snow, which didn’t happen). For being in the car, I wore another two cardigans and a scarf (as seen on the right). Again, head bows feel weird, and I ended up not wearing many accessories. The little bracelet I was going to wear BROKE before I even left the house today. Bah. Also wore a white underskirt, partially for warmth and partially because I only wore one petticoat (the other one looked too lumpy) and I wanted to make it a little poofier.  I was not very poofy today. I think I need to order some real petticoats. Melikestea makes custom ones, so I am going to look into that.

I did get lots of compliments on my outfit despite it’s many flaws. Some from people who were new to lolita and just though it was cute, and some from other people who are clearly better at the fashion than me. (*^3^)/〜☆ Notice me senpai~ and give me help~!

Main event of the day was the A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY concert! I went last year when Arnie Roth directed, and this year, Eric Roth (his son) directed it. It was awesome (of course)! There were several pieces that were debuted today (he called this “Kansas City-area debut”, so new to being performed here or new altogether? One was definitely new altogether). Every time I hear “To Zanarkand” played live, I just want to cry because it is so beautiful. That is probably my favorite piece of instrumental music. Chocobo and Moogle Medleys are also fun. This concert is the reason I wanted my boyfriend to join me for Nakakon this year, but oh well. Maybe some other time, or we will just have to go to the concert somewhere else.

Nakakon tradition to buy giant plushies, so today I got a pink Kid’s Alpacasso. What the hell does that even mean? Who cares, it’s soft and I like to carry large plushies around Nakakon with me because it helps me cope with the feeling of being surrounded by weebs.

There was a new set of workshops this year presented by the Cosplay Lounge, where they would teach basic sewing skills with machines or by hand. There was actually one that would teach you some sewing machine skills that I wanted to learn, however it was during the concert, so gotta have priorities. Instead, I went to the hand sewing workshop to make a small plush. I actually didn’t need any help or assistance…I just wanted to make a plush. It sounded like the women running the lounge were having a tough time getting their workshops planned and set up this year (it was the first year after all), but I really enjoyed it so I made sure to tell her it was fun. I really hope there are more sewing and crafting workshops in the future. Not that I know for sure that I’ll be going to Nakakon again next year, but I think it is kind of a nice, educational thing for there to be at the con. Nice life skill.

Here are the other things I bought. Some stickers and keychains. I can’t believe I missed the Gothic Lolita variant of Aqours keychains when they went for sale online, so I’m glad I got them today, even though they are $12 each. Ouch. Such resale.

Actually, I went to some of the artist booths to look for Yuri on Ice pins (the gay ice skating anime!) and they were all sold out. o___o I don’t really like pins that much, but I like supporting artists but don’t really feel like getting wall prints of the gay ice skating anime so little pins would be better…I could eventually make an ita bag that would probably be so horribly uncoordinated and from several fandoms to make it an ita-ita bag but lol whatever…BUT THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT. Another booth was selling mugs of various cute things (Cardcaptor Sakura, Gay Ice Skating Anime, Overwatch) and of course the mugs were also sold out. I might check to see if the buttons restock (usually buttons can be made easily…print the tiny pictures and use a button maker), but I am not hopeful.

Tomorrow, I will probably make my traditional Nakakon tithe to Tasty Peach and then I am unsure what else I will buy. But the tea party is tomorrow! It will be in a new location, and I am hoping it will have better food. Wonder what the prizes will be, since usually Lolita Collective donates prizes but since they aren’t here…I bet at least one of the prizes will be the Brand Whore pin (Starglazed Delights *does* have a booth! Which is neat cause she was at Paradiso last year too and I think will be at Paradiso this year also)

Oh, there was a lolita fashion show today too. It started before everyone got seated (lesson is to attend the cosplay thing that is right before it and then stay…ugh, I should have known) and then there were several models not wearing lolita. They should have called it a J-fashion show. I think the application even said other J-Fashion were allowed, but they should really just call the event a J-Fashion show and not just lolita. That would have made the obviously not-lolita outfits acceptable (it’s not that they were unacceptable, it’s just I was expecting 100% lolita so to see someone in Visual Kei come out, I was surprised and hoped that the model/the audience/someone didn’t get the idea THAT was lolita). Except for one that looked like it may have been a cosplay “anime lolita” dress, but I just barely got to see that one since the show started before they let everyone in so I cannot be sure if it’s a cosplay that snuck in or maybe it’s just a legit lolita dress that I question the design of. >__> There were a few other outfits that I can’t believe they allowed to be part of a fashion show, but considering my skills at lolita fashion, I am really in no position to judge. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Surely the people in charge vetted the model’s outfits and decided they were good enough.  The models presented their favorite coordinate and got to have their fun being models and did a good job of posing and stuff, so I should not complain. I certainly do not have the guts to model, even if I did have a top tier amazing coordinate put together, so all of the models definitely get props for that.

I think that if I get around to submitting feedback, I’ll suggest that. There was one outfit that I think had to be cult party kei or some combination of shiro-lolita and mori (shiro-mori???) that looked really cool.  If they do take my advice (HAH), there should be an announcer to say “this is sweet lolita” “this is mori” (except mori is dead ;__;) “this is menhara” “this is yume/yamikawaii” “this is larme” “this is cult party kei (also dead)” etc etc and so on. Is larme too close to normal clothes for a fashion show? Have menhara and yume/yamikawaii even reached the Midwest yet? Would someone wear a black colorway of a sweet lolita print, call it gothic and cause chaos to erupt? ヽ(´ー`)┌ We live in interesting times.


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