Nakakon Day 3

It’s finally Tea Party day!

LE&SE Mushroom Forest (which I always confuse for Mushroom Kingdom…). I put little buns in my hair and used the hair clips and some other pink hair clips to try and balance it out a bit more, but it looked kinda messy. Used two petticoats, plus this JSK already has a petticoat built in…to make up for the lack of poof yesterday. I wore the lace wristcuffs for this picture, but then took them off because I think the elastic in them is dying. Also, I wore a pink cardigan (not shown here) because it is COLD. Same half blouse and tights and shoes as I’ve worn before. I wore the little kitty necklace that I planned on wearing, even though it doesn’t match very well.

I got plenty of compliments today, which was nice. It seems like printed dresses earn compliments, when I think back to what I wore last year (Musical Palmer and Enchanted Forest got comments but Chiffon Lover did not) and this year. I wondered if maybe I would only get comments on my AP also, but I got a lot of comments at the Tea Party today.

I got a few pictures taken while I was at the con too, which I wouldn’t be worried about…except a picture someone took of me showed up on Facebook already (in the cosplay photo group), and my friend posted her pictures also, and she’s already been posted on other parts of the internet. ;__; They’re not being too mean about her yet, but I really hope that she doesn’t find out. I though she looked cute today ;_____; And if people were upset about her outfit today, then what I wore on Friday would certainly set people off. I’m still not great at hair, and my shoes Friday were NOT ideal. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ Maybe I will just stay away from that part of the internet for a few days.

First order of business with shopping was to buy Meowchis. FINALLY got the Mango and Lychee meowchis. Actually, they had some of the Halloween limited Meowchis from 2016, and while I prided myself as collecting all the Meowchi variants for awhile…I give up. I didn’t like the zombie and pumpkin. But mango and lychee are cute, and I look forward to the upcoming flavors.

I found a mini Hanayo nesoberi yeserday but it was the Happy Maker outfit, which is fine, but I got a mini Kotori last year with the Bokutachi no Hitotsu no Hikari/We are One Light outfit last year, and that is the BEST outfit. Internet friend found a Hanayo with the Bokutachi outfit yesterday, so I though for sure I’d be out of luck. NOPE. I happened across a booth with SEVEN of them, so of course I bought one.

Side note, I wish I would have been able to meet that Internet friend, but our paths never crossed. Bummer.

I didn’t spend all the money I saved for shopping this year. I think I will put it towards my next Nakakon (which may not be next year).

The Tea Party was in a different building compared to last year. This lead to many people getting lost, because I guess even some con staff didn’t know where it would be. There was a map in the guide book, but it would have helped if they labeled the streets on the map. >_> I did not have any problems finding the location though.

This year, everyone got a free gift! I got a bracelet. Good. This is the kind of stuff I need.

THE FOOD WAS 100X BETTER THIS YEAR. Last year, the food was awful but at least there was Tazo tea. This year, there were SO many sweets. So much. It was wonderful. Actually, the things were almost too sweet for me, so I ended up not eating everything on my plate The chocolate covered red velvet cake ball was too much so I only took one bite, and I had to pick at the red velvet cake whoopie pie to eat it. I think this is all on me though. Maybe the addition of some fresh fruit would be nice. I am not complaining about the food though. Good job organizers, this was fantastic.

However, for tea we just got Bigelow, so the cheap-one-step-up-from-plain-Lipton-tea. As a tea connoisseur…actually, I don’t care because we got individual tea bags so I could steep it myself. Last year was the same deal, but Tazo tea bags (so high end grocery store tea). The year before, there was actually loose leaf tea in the pots, so that was the highest quality of tea I’ve had at one of these tea parties.  I would have picked Twinings or Stash if I was planning the tea party, but this is really nothing to complain about.

There was a raffle again, and I won nothing, but that’s okay. The prizes were gloves (cute), a blouse (probably too small even if it has shirring because Atelier Pierrot), two parasols (which I already own) and two wigs (how do I wig?!??!). Chatted with a lot of people and it was fun. In years past, they would do group photo-shoots, but I decided ahead of time that I would skip it this year. This year, there was a location set up for individual photos, but I didn’t want to get my picture taken.

Overall, this was a fun weekend! I think that I dressed pretty well this time, except for the nitpicks I have with my Friday and Saturday outfits. I was talking to one kid that I met up with a few times over the weekend and she mentioned that she was embarrassed by her outfit last year, so I told her I was in the same boat but every year, we all get better and better at this (even though I think she is already better at lolita fashion than I am…) This time next year, I hope to have outfits that I don’t have any nitpicks about, so I can wear them to Nakakon or whatever con I end up going to in 2018. The panels were pretty lame this year, but the Final Fantasy concert was amazing and I feel like I had better social interactions this year, so that makes up for the panel complaint. One always hopes that next time will be better.


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