Krad Lanrete – Beauty and the Beast

Just eff me up, ok? Eternal Dark, ain’t that the damn truth. UGH.

Things are not quite for sale, but pages and sizes are up! Prices are not.

High Waist JSK I, with a bust of 88-100 and waist of 72-84. High waist is also about 5cm higher than a natural waist, so take that into consideration.

Normal Waist JSK II, with a bust of 88-100 and waist of 70-86.

Floral headband, which looks better on me compared to hair bows (there is a head bow available, by the way)

Rectangular headpiece, or what they call a “hair belt KC” on their page. I like it, and I think I ought to try this kind of headpiece out.

As you can tell, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I mean, if you think deeply about the story of Beauty and the Beast, there is a lot wrong there. So much. It wasn’t even my favorite Disney movie growing up (that honor goes to The Little Mermaid, which is also a mess if you think about it too long as well).

There is only one size available for these dresses, but I would fit into both cuts. There is also a skirt which has 2 sizes, and a very cute chiffon blouse that wouldn’t fit but who cares since I just ordered a million blouses.

I really want both. I think I will order at least one of them using Clobba. Now, decisions decisions.

This makes me feel better about AP’s Ribbon Berry Bunny being too small for me (max bust of only 96cm? Jeez ;__;)


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