Go home AP, you are drunk

SO MUCH in the world of Angelic Pretty today!

First, Berry Ribbon Bunny goes on sale Saturday in Japan, so tomorrow in the US (meaning if you order with Tenso from the Japan site, not that AP USA is getting it tomorrow. They will probably get it in a few weeks). The word is that it is popular already. I don’t know, the 96cm bust has smashed all my dreams but maybe it will get a more generous special set someday.<3

Laforet is doing some AP x flowery themed shop where there is ANOTHER Rose Museum special set (different from mine, and only in the original colorways of pink, ivory, mint and lavender but with a different headdress), a flowery veil headdress, $40 flowery wristcuffs, socks, jewelry and a precious Flower Princess bunny.

I am tempted, but also it is unlikely that I would be able to get this special set since it would likely require a shopping service, and there are a good two reasons I should not buy ANOTHER Rose Museum. But if I was, I would grab it in ivory.

So AP has yet another release of Holy Lantern a few weeks ago, and it is now coming to AP USA.  If I win the lottery this weekend (ha) then I would get the JSK in lavender and wine, even though I don’t like the zipper JSK. The zippers are just too…goth/punk lolita to me. Now if AP USA decides to sell some of the special sets from the Laforet Grand Bazaar…I think every time Holy Lantern goes on sale again, I will lament over missing those special sets. But then again, it IS Holy Lantern so it will probably be back.

And now onto NEW releases!

A teal/mint colorway of Romantic Cat! This is the JSK so if the size is good, this is what I will get.

Oh my god, the lavender is so cute too. I think this is the colorway that I posted before, but that one still looks more blue. It may just be the lighting. Strangely, only these two colorways were in the most recent issue of Kera. Usually there are 3 or 4 colorways. It would be odd to only have 2.

So the reason I am not going to bother with yet ANOTHER Rose Museum is that I want Romantic Cat. Hopefully it will not be super popular and I can wait a few months for a sale (I have a little saved up for it specifically, but not enough to drop ~$290 on it right now.  I think the other two colorways will be pink and maybe that darker blue color (but it seems odd to have a periwinkle blue AND lavender so who knows). I want pink, and then second choice would be lavender and then teal. I am predicting this will go on sale either next week or the week after.

The second reason is that I am patiently awaiting Clobba to announce they are taking orders for Krad Lanrete’s Beauty and the Beast. Order spots are open on their Taobao but it appears that Krad is really weird about ordering. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ So even if I was a Taobao expert, I’ll have to go through Clobba, which I really don’t mind. Just being impatient though.




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