Embroidery Update

Went to see my boyfriend this weekend and took my embroidery so I could sew a little between taking turns on Civ 6.

The rose and vines are done! However, somehow I think I got cat hair on this (hmm surely it is not because of the many cats in my life….) and the embroidery loop left indentions. I think once I am done with the four handkerchiefs I initially made, I will wash and iron them again.

Second one was all done today. A tea cup and some flowers and a heart. I wasn’t really sure what to do so I came up with on off the top of my head. It all looks kind of wonky to me, but I guess it is good practice.

The tea is hot pink because I don’t have any embroidery floss that is the same color as any tea. Well, I guess hibiscus tea is kind of bright red/pink. However, hibiscus tea is also sour as heck and I do not like it. :/ I want to get some other colors of floss.


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