Gardens of Years Past

I love to garden. The past few years, I would go to the garden shop every March and pick out lots of herbs and flowers to put in pots in my back yard and take care of them all summer. Some years, I would move some of the pots into my house for the winter.  It is one of my favorite hobbies, and I look forward to having my own home someday where I can garden a lot too.

Last spring, I decided it would be my last year of gardening at this house, since I originally though I would be graduating this May. HA HA HA how silly I was, but I am sticking to that decision. I am not going to go buy a bunch of plants to grow this year. Instead, I will just try to clean up my backyard as best as I can and take care of the plants that survived the winter.

I cannot tell you exactly how long ago these chives were planted, because they come up every year no matter what. They are outlasting the containers they are in. Maybe I should move them to the larger planters that are now empty, so we can have even more damn chives.

Mom planted these a few years ago. I am not a huge tulip fan, but she likes them. Also, a few years ago, I found out one of my dear friends from grad school really liked tulips, so I would post a picture of them daily on tumblr for her.

I love lavender, and I love growing it. There are so many great reasons to grow it. It smells nice. It is fairly hardy. Bees love it. I’ve never been very good at sustaining it over the years, but this one has a little bit of fresh growth, so I hope it grows well this year.

Buds and leaves on the apple tree. We have two little apple trees in our backyard and they flowered pretty well last year, and produced apples but the squirrels got them all when they were still small. It was the strangest thing…they were all gone overnight. Maybe this year, we will be luckier.

I first planted some strawberries in pots in my backyard maybe four years ago, and then two years ago, I took some of the offshoots and planted them in the ground. The idea was for the strawberries to spread all over this one region of the yard and it would be lovely. They are still working on it, but I usually get maybe 10 nice strawberries every year. The ones from my garden taste so much better than the ones from the store. Like sunshine.

Never plant mint family plants in the ground unless you want them to take over. I planted this cat nip (related to mint! They sometimes call it cat mint) in the ground for exactly this reason. There is a small strip of land in my yard that usually becomes overrun with weeds. I tried to choke them out with strawberries but no use. So now I will choke them out with cat nip. Better than morning glories and perilla (which also will spread like crazy, so don’t plant those at all, even in pots, unless you want to live with them forever. I planted perilla in pots two years ago and it keeps coming back).

Two years ago, I started a bunch of herbs from seed, and one of those was lemon balm. Lemon balm smells like lemon, bees like it, and even better, mosquitoes don’t like it. I wasn’t expecting it to come back again, even though it came back last year too.

I usually get out and clean up my yard a bit in January, but the past six months have been really stressful in regards to taking care of Mom and the final stretch of Grad School, so I have a lot of work to do in my yard. Cleaning it up and making it look a bit nicer will be a good way to relieve stress, and maybe later this year, it will be a nice place to relax and drink tea and test drive my stupid amount of parasols. Ha.



2 thoughts on “Gardens of Years Past

  1. The lemon balm is a hardy perennial and will return for decades. It also self-seeds rampantly, if allowed. So, when it flowers, I cut stalks for the sun tea jar. Sounds like you deserve a little break from most of the gardening. It is probably a good thing right now to just do a bit of clean up, and then use bits of spare time to actually enjoy the area. Later, you may decide to add a pot or two of flowers just because you can!

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