Krad Lanrete Beauty and the Beast Preorder

My day went as follows:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Clobba has Beauty and the Beast for sale so I buy it
  3. Ponder life as the wait begins.

Actually, Clobba says it SHOULD ship mid to late April, but there are legends of how long people wait for Krad Lanrete orders after actually ordering them. u_u Even more insane is that rumor is that after this series starts to roll out, they will start preorders for Vampire Masquerade whatever Transylvania Moonlight.

Clobba (being a Taobao Reseller) will always overcharge compared to buying from Taobao yourself or with a Shopping Service, however they are pretty much the only way to get Krad in the West. Also, I’ve had such good luck with them that I don’t mind too much. So the JSK II, the flower headband and EMS ended up being ~$270 for me. Still less than fresh, non-special set brand from AP USA, so I’m not mad.

Here is what I actually ordered:

JSK II in pink. I love JSK I just as much, but if I had to pick between the 2 (because there are other things I am planning on ordering, PLUS the vampire Krad maybe next month??), I went with the normal waist dress because the sizing looks like it will be slightly larger.

Floral headband. I was going to get the flat headband, but it was $50. Seriously. This headband was $45 actually. The cheapest option was the ribbon headband, and I am shying away from those when I can. I knew the dress would be overpriced, but I am really annoyed with how pricey the accessories are. There were wrist cuffs available too…for $37. HA HA HA nope!

I am very excited to finally own some Krad Lanrete. I’ve seen Lost at Sea in person a few times, and someone had it for sale at Paradiso last year so I got to *touch* it (cause I’m not the kind of person who would go up to someone wearing it and ask to touch their dress wtf) and while this is not Lost at Sea, this is still very beautiful and very fairytale-ish, so it fits in my aesthetic.

Ah crap, I have an aesthetic.


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