Running Errands in the Rain

All week, I looked forward to dressing up and running errands, because my life is ridiculously boring like that.

Left is what I actually wore out. F+F Puck’s Prank One-piece dress, blouse (it’s under the sweater), hair braided and with a hair bow.

Right is a mostly proper lolita coordinate. The flower veil headpiece is something I got at Paradiso last year and never wore, and now I know why. It looks stupid. It looks like something one would wear as a bride. Nope nope nope, but here I gave it a shot. Also, the wristcuffs which are stretched now. How did this happen?? Shoes are not appropriate, but if they were grey or that pale shade of blue, I think they would work better. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Something I have been mulling over is when to call an outfit “lolita”. I really enjoy wearing lolita clothes, however, I feel like I have made few improvements with shoes, and very minimal improvements with other accessories (and none with hair). So I generally err on the side of NOT calling something lolita. On my instagram, when I post images of outfits, I tag the brands and the print name, but do not mention lolita or lolita fashion at all. Partially because I don’t really want to have to explain everything to my non-J-Fashion-educated friends, but also because I am still not confident that any of my outfits are really good enough to call lolita. But on this blog, I feel a little more comfortable on tagging it because I am also explaining what I am going for. And also, pointing out the problems with (literally all of) my outfits, because I am working on it.

So back to today’s outfit. The outfit on the left is not lolita. Maybe lolita-inspired, or wearing-lolita-in-a-normal/casual way. The outfit on the right is more akin to something I would wear to a meet, except with better shoes.

Anyway, on to the stuff I did today, which was running errands and taking gratuitous pictures of my crab apple tree.

AHHH it’s so beautiful, I love it so much. And I am already feeling a bit sad that next spring, I will be elsewhere and unable to see this tree in person. The pictures do not do it justice.

But I love my crabapple tree.

This is actually from one of the apple trees in my backyard. It finally bloomed.

In tradition with the posts I did last fall where I would dress up and then eat something and write about it, this was my breakfast. Cinnamon toast and some green tea.

Lunch was a Crispy Chicken Puff and an Egg Tart from the bakery of one of the Asian Supermarkets I went to.  Looking back, since this is all I have really eaten thus far today, this would explain why I have a headache.

Also, why I bought a stupid amount of snacks and Easter candy today. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ Whoops.

Also I bought a stupid amount of tea. Because clearly I needed more green tea and jasmine green tea, and hey let’s try lavender green tea too, and then there’s matcha green and matcha jasmine which are totally different and how about rose black tea since I love roses but that one rose green tea was awful so clearly this is a good idea. ¬_¬ So in short, being completely irresponsible. I did need more tea to bring to lab for my morning caffeine, so I will drag along some of these for sure.


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