Crafts and daydreams

Went shopping yesterday, but once more, I just wore normal clothes. I thought about it, but it was raining very hard all day. I did wear a nice outfit, but failed to take a picture.

ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

My brother who is supposedly moving in with us sometime says he will give me a new bed. Technically a used bed, but new to me. I’ve had a twin size bed all my life, and was planning on getting a bigger one when I move out with the boyfriend. So I am not currently in the market for a new bed, but I may get stuck with one anyway. And thus I went to look at sheets.

This Shabby Chic brand has some really cute ones.

Pink and little pink flowers!

White with little pink and blue flowers!

None of these would be my boyfriend’s style at all. (*≧▽≦) And I don’t want to spend too much on sheets for a full size bed I won’t need to too long. Maybe someday when we have a house, I can pick out floofy girly sheets for a bed in the guest room. (If there is a guest room in the future house….). At the very least, at least I have pictures of cute sheets.

Today I was feeling very crafty, but also wanting to try and reduce the amount of craft supplies I have. So I made a very fluffy, hideous petticoat, and a cat bed. I had a ton of tulle that I bought years ago with the desire to make petticoats…but then got lazy. Now that I know what a more appropriate petticoat should be like, I decided to make one with pink and lavender tulle. I even attached it to an old skirt I made years ago and was thus throwing away (until now). I’ll test it later this week and perhaps it will quench my desire to buy petticoats for the moment.

Here is my Devil Cat testing it out. So the cat bed is made of a sheet she is fond of sitting on, and stuffed with some old sweatshirts that are too ratty to donate but still something she liked to sit on. So a lumpy cat bed for a spoiled cat.

I ordered some fabric online a while ago to make a cute bag, and also ordered a set of pastel fabric pieces. Instead, they send me yellow, orange, some beiges and browns. I can live with all of those colors except orange. THIS orange. Yuck. It’s like the yellow orange crayon. Gross. So I am going to make something out of it. Not sure what, but it will give my hands something to do while watching Netflix.


Grove Deer 17 Years Forever Month OP

Not sure what the actual name it, but google translate says “+17年永昼之月+” is approximately “17 years forever month”. I don’t know. The name isn’t important, the dress is.

Links for the Short OP and Long OP, for reference.

I was just thinking the other day that while fancy printed lolita dresses are great, if I was to consider this to be daily fashion, I would want more solid pieces. Particularly thinking of Little Dipper, because they have a lot of solid pieces and also seem to be size friendly. But then I found out about these Grove Deer OPs.

Now that you are done scrolling down forever, I can gush over them. These same dresses were for sale last year, and it looks like there is a second release. T_T These are exactly the kind of dress I could imagine wearing for more toned down, everyday wear. There is a long and a short version (so 104cm and 94cm long), and I think I would go for the longer OPs. I want…all the colors. T__T Especially the peach, pink and the dusty lavender grey color. But the black and wine are so pretty too…and of course I subconsciously always want navy for some reason.

There are two sizes, S-M and L-XL, and the L-XL has a bust of 90-106cm and waist of 66-84. These would fit perfectly fine and would be so comfy.

At the moment, I am done buying lolita clothes (until I get a job and my life is otherwise together), but I think I will save up to buy future dresses similar to this one. I just want a whole wardrobe of cute, comfy dresses so I can easily wear cute stuff instead of constantly resorting to jeans and t-shirts for daily life.

Long Ears Sharp Ears – The Kingdom of Mishaps

This morning, got an email from Clobba that the LE&SE Kingdom of Fairies dresses are having some issues.

Custom OPs were made with too small busts and the sleeves were the same size as the one size, and JSK I dresses in size 1 were made with the shirring too tight. Clobba is returning these to LE&SE so the factory can fix the mistakes, but anything that has already been sent out may have problems.

I ordered the OP, but not a custom size because the one size should be fine.  It sounds like the problem is just with the Custom OPs and JSK I, so I won’t be affected. However, this is pretty concerning. But I guess this explains why it has been taking so long to hear about this dress. :p

Angelic Page Views

I have been blogging a long time. I had a Blogger for 5 years, deleted it, then had another one for a few years, deleted that. Had a beauty and makeup blog for a few years concurrent with the other ones. Also deleted. Have a 5 year old Tumblr account and several side blogs. The point is that for the most point, I don’t get many views or follows or anything. I probably just am boring, or do not tag things properly. ヽ(´ー`)┌ okay

I am pretty okay with that. I mean, not to say I wouldn’t welcome more views and followers, but also I am not in it for the e-fame. I just like to blog and post random thoughts on the internet. Maybe it will provide insight to future generations about how the 2010s were (I hope most of my internet usage from the 2000s is wiped…)

So I have/had a side tumblr blog where the idea was to post one picture a day. I have gotten lazy at this. But there was one post that was really damn popular.

Just scans of freaking Romantic Cat back when we only knew about the teal (actually mint) and periwinkle (actually lavender) colorways. I got over 200 likes! Woah!

On tumblr, it’s not difficult to get over 100k likes/reblogs though. But I am impressed with my 200. Hah.

And then I notice on this blog, I don’t get too many views (I do appreciate the ones I get), but when I do get them….ANGELIC PRETTY.

So clearly, to get more views on the internet, I need to talk about Angelic Pretty. Unfortunately the newest print, Fancy Hospital, is terribad. Well, okay, it is cute and not hideous and the cuts look like they could be comfy clothes but not worth paying THAT much money for, and I am not into menhara. So I don’t feel like talking about it.

Sunday Rambling

Today, the weather was gorgeous. A perfect day for a cherry blossom festival, which I did not actually attend. I went to the local March for Science yesterday, and then my brother come over for an impromptu cook-out, so I felt like I already had spent way too much time outside. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it seems like every time I am outside for long periods of time (over an hour), I then get headaches that last for the rest of the day. Maybe I am chronically dehydrated. Maybe I have a vampire as an ancestor. Maybe I am just weak. Either way, the original plan today was to do some cleaning and then go to the library to work on my dissertation.

I wanted to dress in lolita clothes, but just could not find the drive to actually do it. So I wore super normal clothes.

Actually felt like this was a pretty well put together outfit.  Today was going to be a good day!

But then my brother came over and we discussed moving things around in the attic room where he will have his bed and stuff while he ‘lives’ here. He claims he will mostly stay at his girlfriend’s place, however I would prefer to have minimal items in “his” room. Somehow, this angered the alcoholic hidden within my mother, so I got to deal with her being extra drunk all day. I got her to take a nap so I had peace and quiet to clean, but I did not feel comfortable leaving the house.  This was smart, because when she woke up from her nap (still drunk), she decided to turn the stove on for some reason that she could not exactly articulate to me. I got her to drink a meal replacement shake and go back to bed.

Moved some stuff around my bedroom. I have this TV stand which I actually use to hang my parasols on, but my brother doesn’t want it around. I had to move it into my bedroom. I was hoping I could position it so that I could hang up some dresses on it as well, but no dice. I feel like my bedroom is very small, but perhaps that is because I am trying to cram a house’s worth of stuff into one room, and I also like rooms that feel minimalist and have open spaces. I have too much clutter.

I think my next step is to actually go acquire some more of the plastic tubs to store things in. If I have to live in a crowded room, I may as well have things stored away so they do not get dusty.

Spring Lolita Update of the Week

No point in weekly updates if I am only ever inspired at random intervals.

Haenuli announced a the Royal Kitten in black, blue and green, and the Royal Puppy in black only. This is apparently a re-release of the Royal Kitten print from 2013, which had red, purple and grey colorways. That is from way before I was paying attention to any of this, so I thought this was a new print. Ha ha whoops.

Royal Puppers and Nyans. On one hand, not sure how I feel about it being so photo-realistic. I mean, everything is photo-realistic here. The cats, the crowns, the puppy, the frames, the flowers and random rabbits and deer. Not a huge fan of the colors either. I suppose I am more into pastels in general.

The pupper though. He’s so cute. Even with all the qualms I have about this print, and Haenuli dresses so far (the more recent releases are usually around $270 USD so a little less than Japanese brand but a lot more than Taobao brand, and also I have yet to see a cut I really love), I want the black puppy and the black kitty prints. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ  I really liked the print for The Story You Don’t Know, but I wasn’t a fan of either JSK cut (JSK I was too plain for the cost, and JSK2 had the pentagram halter straps that I am not a fan of, at least not for lolita fashion). I think I would be more excited for a nice lavender and/or pink colorway…We will just have to see what the dresses look like, and if they are different from the OP, JSK and skirt from 2013.

Metamorphose temps de fille (or just Meta) is a brand I have mostly ignored, because they only list one bust/waist measurement, so I have been paranoid that nothing would fit. I asked around, and apparently it is actually one of the most forgiving brands in terms of stretch. So just to wait for a release that I think is super cute…

Oh shit look at this. This is what I picture in my mind when I think of stereotypical sweet lolita (as opposed to the stuff I end up actually buying). I think I will eventually look for Bakery Cafe second hand.

Little Dipper JSK that is similar to an OP they released earlier.

Still waiting on my blouses from Little Dipper and Dear Celine (they were supposed to be shipped on the 12th to my shopping service but haven’t heard anything so far). However, whenever I look at the Little Dipper web shop, everything looks so comfy and soft. I would like to save up some money and get a bunch of basics from them, and that could be my theoretical daily lolita clothes.

Hunting Mushrooms Doll is a brand I have never heard of before, but they posted this release, Royal Irtysh Princess. Custom sized, but the big selling point is all those 3D hand sewn flowers.

This dress is crazy busy.

Is that lace supposed to connect there?

Moonlight Forest is BACK. Last April, these dresses were released and I decided to not buy them. Also, for some reason I though it was from Angel’s Heart. No, the actual name of this is Moonlight Forest (that is the brand) and the print is Fantasy Castle.

Ahhhh this was so damn cute, but the bust only goes up to 94cm which is why I didn’t get it. In addition to trying to be financially responsible. Ha. Although now, I wonder

Man, it was so pretty. It still is so pretty. I wanted the JSK in both colorways, but alas, didn’t happen. The print itself, the little star buttons, the overlays…

And now, as if I did not suffer enough last year, they are re-releasing the print! With new colorways! And new cuts!

AHHHH actually conflicted on this cut. Sure, it is only a drawing, but it looks longer and the overlay is longer too, which is nice. What I am less okay with are the bare shoulders and the v-line of lace.

AHHHH And also a Sailor style OP? I am not a huge fan of sailor style OPs for myself, but damnit this is cute.

The four colorways appear to be light blue, dark blue, lavender and dark purple. Last year, it was only light and dark blue. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ But they’re all so damn cute. If I had bought the two JSKs last year, I’d still go buy more JSKs in the new colorways this year. But I won’t, because chances are, there is still a 94cm max bust and that just isn’t going to work for me.

Long Ears and Sharp Ears Cinderella and Princess of the Duke Made to Order Dresses

Out of nowhere, LE&SE has two made-to-order series up right now, and they are the most customization things ever.

Cinderella on the left, and Princess of the Duke on the right. They’re cute, but not anything I am particularly interested in. I mean, if I was independently wealthy, I would buy these, however I have to be more cautious in my spending. Also, Cinderella has cat ears (sharp ears) and Princess has bunny ears (long ears), but I swore I had to look at this image forever to see them. The bunny ears are hidden in her hair.

I am very impressed by all these options!

Cinderella comes in 53 different colors and 5 trim color options. That is a crap ton of options. Pretty much, every dress will be customized. How does one decide which one to get? The art is based on swatch 7 (so they say).

Princess has 4 bodice options and 8 skirt options. But that’s not all. According to their facebook, you could in theory use ANY of the 53 and 12 fabrics for either dress, although there are no patterned options for the Cinderella dress. The art above is based on light for the bodice and silver weave light yellow for the skirt.

Some mock-ups of the Cinderella dress. I like this dress the best out of the two designs. I think I’d go with swatch 4 or 9 (two shades of light pink), with white trim.

Some mock-ups of the Princess of the Duke dress. The ribbon on the skirt looks weird because there is an over skirt!

I can’t wait to see what variations people decide to get, and how they wear them.