San Diego trip

I’m not dead, I was just in San Diego for the Fly Meeting. It was great, by the way. San Diego is great, actually. I was brave and used Uber to go explore by myself and pay attention to traffic (one of the things I keep in mind for future places to live).

While I was in San Diego, I went to the zoo (10/10 would recommend), but also did a lot of shopping. I wanted to search out some Asian Beauty or Japanese grocery stores and buy stuff. I already know where to get a lot of stuff online, but wanted to try in person too. Also, never been to a Daiso before, but I had heard good things.

Daiso is a Japanese dollar store. I learned this upon actually going to one. Before, I thought it was a kind of Japanese home goods/random stuff store, which is still accurate, but everything is very damn cheap.

I was hoping for a lot of cute stationary and beauty supplies. Ended up with some embroidery floss (not that I really need more of it) and cat post-it notes. Honestly, I was less impressed with Daiso than I expected to be, but also, I didn’t look at a lot of the cook ware and dishes too much because there is no way to get that stuff home safely. I will likely go back to Daiso next time I am in San Diego (or if I go to another city that has a Daiso).

Also the tote on the right, primarily to carry my purchases in, but it is also cute. The tote on the left is from Forever 21, where I shopped at a few days later. There is a shopping mall within walking distance of the hotel I stayed at for the conference.

Got hair bows and socks. The small hairbows actually work pretty well with sweet lolita as little extra hair accessories. The larger ones, the headband and the socks are all just cute normal wear stuff. Also bought some sheet masks because I have a problem.

I then walked about a mile from Daiso to Marukai and Tokyo Central. I didn’t actually go into either of the Marukai stores (one is a grocery and I think the other is a home goods store but they are right next to each other) cause both had signs saying “no bags allowed” (and I was carrying my purse and other purchases) so went to Tokyo Central instead. I guess they also had the sign, but no one said anything. It is SUPER cute and if I lived in San Diego, I would buy so much stuff from them. I bought a crap ton of sheet masks.

Then went to Mitsuwa, which is a Japanese grocery store, and I really wish there was something like that closer to me. They had a crepe shop, so I ate a crepe.

I very awkwardly ate it with a knife and fork. I was tired. After all, this shopping adventure was the day I got into town, so I had already dealt with airports and planes and time zone changes. But it was very good. I guess most of the crepes I have eaten in the past were the knife and fork variety, but there was definitely the option to eat one in a cone. Maybe I will try that eventually.

So many sheet masks! There are several Lululun packs (been wanting to try), some Pure Smile (I really held back actually), a weird off brand Korean type that I picked up from F21, and a few lip masks.

After that, I popped into a used book store to wait for my Uber ride back to the hotel, and behold!

One of the old (and rare?) English Gothic and Lolita Bibles that Tokyopop put out back in the late 2000s! There were maybe 5 or 6 of them and I own 4. If I didn’t already have this one, I would have bought it, but I do have this. It is a little sad, since I found this last Wednesday, and I think that was the same day that it was announced that Kera was going to become digital-only and the Japanese Gothic and Lolita Bible will stop publication this year. ;__; I really enjoyed looking through the few copies that I have, but at this point, most things are online anyway. I would hope that an online Lolita-type magazine springs up to replace it.

I had a great time. There were some Korean shops I wanted to visit (an H Mart that was near a different Daiso location, and Zion Market) but did not get a chance to go to. After this trip, I think I really like San Diego.


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