Fanplusfriend Puck’s Prank – back with a vengeance!

Apparently Puck’s Prank is actually a re-release of F+F’s print Bridge of Bubbles.

I vaguely remember this, and recall I didn’t like it. Too vibrant. But the super faded version I have (two of…) is so pretty to me. So different from Bridge of Bubbles that I had no idea they were related until someone pointed it out to me.

But then a few weeks ago, they came out with ANOTHER version.

They named it “Fairy Floral Dress Lolita Fashion Midi Dress Unique Print blue/green Ball Dress”…uh…but it is in the Puck’s Prank series. So this is the 3rd release of this particular print.

Navy blue and dark green/black colorways. I love it, except there are little poofs of black or navy tulle on the skirt. The poofs make no damn sense. The poofs are the reason I did not immediately buy it, as well as the fact that I am spending money on a lot of other stuff. There will be time to get these later if I so desire.

And then, when you were least expecting it, a FOURTH iteration of this print!

If you look closely, it is very similar to the second version (which I own), except the colors are more vibrant and bright.

Left is the version from last year, right is the new version. They are both the pink variant, but the new pink variant is lighter and brighter. Also, the petals and shawl are a thinner looking material.

There is pink and hyacinth blue, which looks purple to me. I love these colors.

The reason I am not immediately buying this new cut is because the bodice has more dumb frill nonsense on it. What the hell are those frills on the straps? With the shawl, it looks like a neat little bolero, which would be AWESOME. But this looks kinda weird. How would one wear a blouse with this? It would probably have to be one of the little chiffon blouses.

Also, this dress, with the petals and the shawl, kind of fall into what I am calling “fairy lolita”, which pretty much only includes the Puck’s Prank print series of dresses so far. Wear the dress, you look like a magical elegant fairy.  Elegant fairy kei? But something I struggle with this dress and the JSK I already own is that it is very difficult to really include them in lolita fashion. The silhouette is alright (with a petticoat of course), but the extra fairy bits (the shawl and petal overskirt) seem a bit over the top. I did manage to wear a blouse with the other JSK, and I could work on it with this one too, but they are not very flexible pieces. Meanwhile, the OP from last fall (which is pretty boring compared to these) could probably work as a classical piece.

I may eventually buy the new dress and one of the dark colorways released last month (already you know I am going to get the navy because somehow that is my color…), but I am really more excited for Krad Lanrete’s vampire print, and someday Angelic Pretty will release Romantic Cat. But if I do get these dresses, I will likely remove the poof flowers from the navy dress and I am not sure if I would do anything with the ridiculous halter frills on this one. It looks like there is a regular strap under the frill, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to remove it.


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