Many Strawberries

On ILD this year, there is a local strawberry festival. BOTH local coms are having meetups at this event. That is going to be an adventure all on it’s own, but most importantly, I do not own any strawberry prints yet. Which is ridiculous, considering there are TONS out there.

Of course, AP’s Ribbon Berry Bunny, and Btssb’s Strawberry Drops and Strawberry’s Heart Drops (yes they released two, one is non-print) would not fit me, and are expensive anyway. I am so sad that Ribbon Berry Bunny is just out of reach.

So my plan for the Strawberry festival is to just wear my blue chiffon lover’s JSK, and dress it up with Strawberry accessories. I will make a tote with some cute strawberry fabric, and make some little felt strawberries to make into pins and hair clips. I’m actually pretty excited to craft things, and while I will probably look awful compared to other people who go all out (but on the other hand, it is the weekend following Paradiso so maybe people will be tired and more casual? It *is* going to be an outdoor festival), but

While waiting to get my supplies, I will wax over some current Strawberry non-brand prints.

Dear Celine Starberry Bunny was on preorder last month and has since closed. It’s cute, but damn are those berries HUGE. On one hand, it’s cute and I love how it is STARberry and not strawberry, when those are very obviously strawberries. On the other hand…so huge.

Infanta Miss Strawberry JSK and OP have been for sale on Clobba for what feels like forever. It comes in pink, black (for all your bittersweet needs, hah), yellow and blue. It’s cute, but not run out of your house and throw money at things cute. The felt strawberry rosettes I am planning on making are somewhat inspired by the ones from this set.

Rose’s Valley/Neverland/Soufflesong’s Strawberry Rabbit is one I have pondered buying many times. I really like it! I really like the other JSK also (it has a little apron!). If I wasn’t saving up and knew it would get here before ILD (it wouldn’t, even if I ordered it today. Neverland is serious about their 60 day making time), this would be my strawberry dress. I would get these color ways and accessories and it would be so cute. I may yet order these, but sadly, they seem to only be on the (pricier) worldwide site now. Still, these are cheaper than F+F prints. Also, I really need to be watching my budget. I should have ordered this print when it first came out and was on sale, and it probably would have gotten here in time. ;_; Oh well.

Last but not least is Neverland/Soufflesong’s Strawberry Sweetheart print, which is super simple. I think I WILL get this and to hell with it getting here in time. However, make no mistake, this is very much more otome than sweet lolita. Maybe it could fly with casual lolita. Heck, I could probably wear this as normie clothes. Considering this will be $50 (including shipping!), I really have no excuse. However, I first am going to wait to make sure the school reimbursts me for costs from going to the conference I just got back from.

There will be watermelon and lemon/orange variants of this Sweetheart dress also.


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