Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat

For the past three weeks, I though “yes this will be the week Romantic Cat is released and I will be disappointed that my chest is slightly too big for it”. And for three weeks, I have been relieved/disappointed.

Whelp, it’s finally here!

We have four colorways: mint (the teal we saw before), lavender (the periwinkle we saw before), pink (called it) and grey! I was looking forward to the bright periwinkle, but these super washed out pastels are nice too. The JSK bodice cut reminds me of the bodice of Rose Museum, so I think this one *should* fit,

I want them all though. Man, if I was given $1200 to spend tomorrow, I’d just get 4 JSKs, one in each colorway. But no, I have to choose, so my preference is pink > lavender > mint > grey. But damn, I love them all. Also, cats. Not a huge fan of the cat ear headband though.

Now, I have technically have some money saved up for this dress, however I am broke right now. The school still hasn’t repaid me for the Fly Meeting, and I know that I have a few 2nd payments coming up. I may just wait for AP USA to release it, even though their shipping is stupid. But on the other hand, waiting means I would know for sure what the measurements will be.


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