Much Romantic, Very Cat, and bonus Summer Previews

Tonight was the AP Romantic Cat release, and because I am weak, I went ahead and bought it.

The grey and mint colorways were very popular, as they sold out very quickly. Luckily, pink was the least desired colorway (by the masses) so I was able to get it.

So there were a few reasons I went ahead and bought it today. The school repaid me, and also there were some previews of upcoming AP prints.

Fancy Hospital, in case you want some Menhara with your lolita.

Uh, I don’t like this at all.

Dreamy Perfume, which I though they already announced before?

Mademoiselle de Paris, which is cute, but it doesn’t make my heart beat.  This would probably be a great dress to wear regularly, unlike the type of dresses that I tend to gravitate to.

So it is pretty unlikely that I will be buying anything from Angelic Pretty again until late summer or fall releases, and I will probably be too preoccupied to do anything. So this is my last chance to get a print that I have been excited about for months. But then again, there is at least a 50% chance I will prove myself a hypocrite.


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