Spring Picnic Event

My comm had a picnic today! Or rather, it was originally going to be a picnic, but ended up being a tea inside. The weather was originally supposed to be nice, then rainy, but ended up being nice after all.

Finally wearing my Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK. I was worried it wouldn’t fit, and struggled with the zipper. But it fit. Also, I am trying out my new chiffon blouse from Taobao. It fits. It is super warm. Also part of my outfit are two petticoats (I need to stop buying dresses and invest in poofier ones), pink shoes and plain white tights. No wrist cuffs due to long sleeves. Wore my hair down with a flower veil headdress. It’s not shown here, but I though it worked out well.

Since I knew we would be outside, I took a parasol with me. Wasn’t sure if pink or white looked better. Technically, the pinks nor the whites match, but I ended up taking the white one today.

So the zipper was fine, but the shoulder straps of the dress kept slipping down. There are 3 button holes and I had it on the loosest one since I hoped it would help the dress fit better. This lead to the strap slipping, my arm reaching in a bad angle and popping off a button. What the hell?! This is the second time I’ve had to mend a Cat’s Broom dress. The button was originally sewn only into the lining. So while wearing the dress, I pretty much turned it around, sewed the button back on and reinforced the other button. Then tried to button up to the second hole.

The straps still kept falling down all day. What the heck/

There was a lot of food at the tea party.

It was pretty simple stuff, but super yummy.

A lot of people showed up, which was nice. Eventually we took a group picture, and I don’t look like complete trash so that is nice.  Talked a little about AP’s new prints and how people think the 2010-2012 era of Angelic Pretty was the best. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Also chiffon is not at all breathable.

Eventually, some of us went to the local shops. There is a British store there, which I have been to before and every time I go to this town, I buy tea there. Just Twinings, but I cannot find Earl Grey-Jasmine or Earl Grey-Lavender in stores in my city. Also, supporting small businesses, blah blah.

When we first got there, we lost everyone, since we drove to the shops in two groups. So my group was looking around for everyone else. A few random people helped up out by saying they saw similarly dressed people a block over (where we had started from, ha). That still makes me giggle a bit. We did eventually regroup and all was well.

Since we were a crowd of lolitas, there were comments from strangers. For the most part, people just said they liked out outfits. There was one group of hooligans who was saying something about “can we be princesses too?” but we all just walked by without responding.  After this, a few people were a little grumpy about how they’ll snap if one more person says something sassy. ⊙︿⊙ Did I miss all the other sassy remarks? The only other remotely sassy bit was some guy asked why we were dressed up, so I quickly responded with “For Easter”. It’s a good excuse, technically correct, and a few people (not me) had bunny themed outfits.  That shut them up, but I don’t think it was out of spite that they asked.

We went to a Japanese Garden to rest. It was pretty small, but a nice use of space in a mostly commercial area.


Finally, we went and got drinks at a Boba Tea cafe. I just got regular tea, since I don’t like boba tea. After that, everyone went home.

Today’s meet was really fun, and I had a good time. I also feel like my outfit was pretty good too. I could probably do with some more accessories (a necklace, I think), and I just remembered that I was going to add some pink hair clips too but obviously forgot. Haha whoops. Didn’t have an appropriate bag today, but I’m not too beat up over it.

Still, home was an hour from where the meet was, so I was happy to get home and change back into normal, more breathable clothes. I just wanted to air things out, but the cat decided she needed to sleep on them instead. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ So looks like I get to do more laundry tomorrow!


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