Krad Lanrete Transilvania Moonlight

Oh shit, I’ve been calling it “Transylvania Moonlight” the whole time. LOL WHOOPS.

It went up on Clobba this morning. Happy Easter! Here are some vampires!

This is a nice image of JSK II, showing off the little over skirt part and how there is a waistband. This is the high waist version actually, and is more pricey. This cut comes in M and L, and the measurements for L are 96-104cm bust and 76-84cm waist (but remember this is a high waist). The L is the longest dress, at 96cm, while the medium of this cut and the other cut are both 95cm,

JSK I is a normal waist dress and comes in just one size. It is a little bit more simple, but I like it better. The sizes for this are 88-105cm bust and 64-84cm waist. This JSK is also cheaper.

But now, which color do I pick? I already mentioned that I thought the pink was wonky, but it looks nice after all. Still, I think I will go wither either navy, red or black. BUT WHICH ONE?  I already have a ton of navy dresses (Rose Museum, Musical Palmer…)(I guess that is only two but it feels like a lot). I don’t have any primarily red dresses yet, but the more I look at JSK I in red, the more it seems off to me.

My LE&SE dress that is coming is black with red on it, which is similar to this colorway. Also, Clobba calls this “dark purple”. HOW? I mean, maybe if you look at it at a weird angle?? But I think I like this colorway the best. Do the details blend in a bit with the back? A little, but I kind of like it. ヽ(´ー`)┌

There are three head piece options, a bonnet (HA HA HA), this headbow with a veil ($56) and the flower headdress shown below ($50). You see, if Krad charges more for a dress, I could take that, but these headpieces are more than what AP charges. I think the dumb cat ears bow headband for Romantic Cat was around $40.

As much as floral head pieces usually are my thing, I am not a fan of this one. The previews for the veil headband also show there are many ways to wear it, so I guess I’ll get that one even if it is a little bit more.

The estimated release for these is around late May!


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