Stupid numbers of plushies

I am furious at my family right now, and one of the things that makes me feel better is to plan my future escape.  (I also enjoy sitting in my backyard drinking tea, because it is very peaceful). One of the things that must be done before I can escape is to corral my belongings and figure out what I can get rid of. Also, since my brother is going to move in with us in approximately 2 months, I am losing MOST of the space where I keep my things. He says I can keep stuff in the attic bedroom, but I also don’t want him to be around my stuff anyway because he will just make fun of me. He already makes fun of me enough.

Tonight, the plan was to look at the goodies I got from previous Yume Twins, Doki Doki Crates and Pusheen Boxes and see what I could live without.  It looks like most of the mini plushies from Doki Doki Crates go for around $10 on eBay, and the vinyl Pusheen figures are anywhere from $5 to $90. Yea, apparently the first edition Pusheen figurine is rare (makes sense) and sought after (really??). Some of the other little things are too crummy to bother selling (mostly the things I found were actually from Aliexpress).

Then I decided to go through my immense collection of plushies.  ( ̄◇ ̄;)

I have probably the entire collection of the mini Sailormoon plushes that were released in Japan a few years ago, way too many Meowchis that I cannot bare to part with, and a bunch of other miscellaneous things that I am somehow attached to. A beanie baby I got from my cousin when I was little. A purple bear that Dad bought me from the old grocery store cause I was sick and I though it was cute so I begged him to get it for me. A pink dog that Dad bought me a different time when I was sick because (again) I wanted it and was his precious little (ill) daughter.  Annie from Attack on Titan even though she’s a bad guy but we have the same name.  Much to probably Mom’s surprise, there are several mini Hello Kitty plushies I feel okay getting rid of, except for 3: a Halloween one, a Christmas one, and a flowery kimono one. The others, I think I may give away or donate. Even the cute little Hello Kitty in a sheep outfit….yea I don’t need that. There are the little Gaia Online Kiki Kitty and Coco Kitty plushies I bought forever ago too.  Also there are some extra soft and fluffy sheep plushies that I bought from Bath and Body Works a long time ago which I think I can part with. Even though they are super soft and cuddley…⊙︿⊙

If I wasn’t so lazy, I would go put all of them together and take some nice pictures.

Apparently when I was a little kid, I did not care too much about stuffed animals or anything. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I started collecting them, and I have not really stopped.  Personally, I don’t think there is anything particularly weird about it, but I can definitely understand that people might think I am strange for being an adult and having this many. (*≧▽≦) I have most of them stored away, and I figure when I move out and have to share my room and bed, I’ll have even more of them stored away.  SO what is the point of having them if I’m just going to store them away, you ask?

I don’t know. I like knowing they are there. And I can switch out the ones I have sitting out for different ones, depending on season or holiday. I have several Halloween and Christmas-themed ones so they count as decorations. I do have a couple that stay on my bed but I don’t really need them. I just like to have something to hug when I sleep. However, I also definitely do NOT want to be the creepy lady with 100 plushies everywhere.

I also packed away all of my larger anime figurines. Partially to see how many I can fit in a tupperware container (so far all of them and then plushies can help cushion the boxes!), and also because I should start getting shipping notices for the new ones soon.  I am working on cleaning out the other tupperware containers but I am likely going to have to get a few more for storing things.


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