Angelic Page Views

I have been blogging a long time. I had a Blogger for 5 years, deleted it, then had another one for a few years, deleted that. Had a beauty and makeup blog for a few years concurrent with the other ones. Also deleted. Have a 5 year old Tumblr account and several side blogs. The point is that for the most point, I don’t get many views or follows or anything. I probably just am boring, or do not tag things properly. ヽ(´ー`)┌ okay

I am pretty okay with that. I mean, not to say I wouldn’t welcome more views and followers, but also I am not in it for the e-fame. I just like to blog and post random thoughts on the internet. Maybe it will provide insight to future generations about how the 2010s were (I hope most of my internet usage from the 2000s is wiped…)

So I have/had a side tumblr blog where the idea was to post one picture a day. I have gotten lazy at this. But there was one post that was really damn popular.

Just scans of freaking Romantic Cat back when we only knew about the teal (actually mint) and periwinkle (actually lavender) colorways. I got over 200 likes! Woah!

On tumblr, it’s not difficult to get over 100k likes/reblogs though. But I am impressed with my 200. Hah.

And then I notice on this blog, I don’t get too many views (I do appreciate the ones I get), but when I do get them….ANGELIC PRETTY.

So clearly, to get more views on the internet, I need to talk about Angelic Pretty. Unfortunately the newest print, Fancy Hospital, is terribad. Well, okay, it is cute and not hideous and the cuts look like they could be comfy clothes but not worth paying THAT much money for, and I am not into menhara. So I don’t feel like talking about it.


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