Grove Deer 17 Years Forever Month OP

Not sure what the actual name it, but google translate says “+17年永昼之月+” is approximately “17 years forever month”. I don’t know. The name isn’t important, the dress is.

Links for the Short OP and Long OP, for reference.

I was just thinking the other day that while fancy printed lolita dresses are great, if I was to consider this to be daily fashion, I would want more solid pieces. Particularly thinking of Little Dipper, because they have a lot of solid pieces and also seem to be size friendly. But then I found out about these Grove Deer OPs.

Now that you are done scrolling down forever, I can gush over them. These same dresses were for sale last year, and it looks like there is a second release. T_T These are exactly the kind of dress I could imagine wearing for more toned down, everyday wear. There is a long and a short version (so 104cm and 94cm long), and I think I would go for the longer OPs. I want…all the colors. T__T Especially the peach, pink and the dusty lavender grey color. But the black and wine are so pretty too…and of course I subconsciously always want navy for some reason.

There are two sizes, S-M and L-XL, and the L-XL has a bust of 90-106cm and waist of 66-84. These would fit perfectly fine and would be so comfy.

At the moment, I am done buying lolita clothes (until I get a job and my life is otherwise together), but I think I will save up to buy future dresses similar to this one. I just want a whole wardrobe of cute, comfy dresses so I can easily wear cute stuff instead of constantly resorting to jeans and t-shirts for daily life.


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