Crafts and daydreams

Went shopping yesterday, but once more, I just wore normal clothes. I thought about it, but it was raining very hard all day. I did wear a nice outfit, but failed to take a picture.

ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

My brother who is supposedly moving in with us sometime says he will give me a new bed. Technically a used bed, but new to me. I’ve had a twin size bed all my life, and was planning on getting a bigger one when I move out with the boyfriend. So I am not currently in the market for a new bed, but I may get stuck with one anyway. And thus I went to look at sheets.

This Shabby Chic brand has some really cute ones.

Pink and little pink flowers!

White with little pink and blue flowers!

None of these would be my boyfriend’s style at all. (*≧▽≦) And I don’t want to spend too much on sheets for a full size bed I won’t need to too long. Maybe someday when we have a house, I can pick out floofy girly sheets for a bed in the guest room. (If there is a guest room in the future house….). At the very least, at least I have pictures of cute sheets.

Today I was feeling very crafty, but also wanting to try and reduce the amount of craft supplies I have. So I made a very fluffy, hideous petticoat, and a cat bed. I had a ton of tulle that I bought years ago with the desire to make petticoats…but then got lazy. Now that I know what a more appropriate petticoat should be like, I decided to make one with pink and lavender tulle. I even attached it to an old skirt I made years ago and was thus throwing away (until now). I’ll test it later this week and perhaps it will quench my desire to buy petticoats for the moment.

Here is my Devil Cat testing it out. So the cat bed is made of a sheet she is fond of sitting on, and stuffed with some old sweatshirts that are too ratty to donate but still something she liked to sit on. So a lumpy cat bed for a spoiled cat.

I ordered some fabric online a while ago to make a cute bag, and also ordered a set of pastel fabric pieces. Instead, they send me yellow, orange, some beiges and browns. I can live with all of those colors except orange. THIS orange. Yuck. It’s like the yellow orange crayon. Gross. So I am going to make something out of it. Not sure what, but it will give my hands something to do while watching Netflix.


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