Spring 2017 Pusheen Box

Ah, farewell dear friend, cause I have to unsubscribe after this box. But I am glad I waited for this one, because there is SO MUCH USEFUL STUFF.

Heck, it’s a bunny Pusheen. These are pretty good boxes for storing stuff in.

Oh man, there is a shirt. I love getting clothes.

So for this spring, we have a T-shirt, a bento box, plastic utensil set, bottle opener, bluetooth speaker, pennant banner, balloons….,paper photo props and a selfie stick.

This is the stuff I am excited for. Always want clothes. I was just thinking the other day that I ought to buy a bottle opener, so that I can drink my booze without having to go all the way to the kitchen to get one and then risk Mom nagging at me (“oh you yell at me for drinking but you have a beer yourself hurr hurr hurr”). Plus, this one is a cat. Also, a selfie stick. I am vain and like my selfies, but just never got around to actually buying one. Also, I feel like my friends/family would make fun of me. I tested it out, and it actually works. Neat! That would have been handy when I was travelling and then I could have taken cuter selfies. Oh well.

Not the cutest shirt ever, but it is cute enough, and now it will be a pajama top. Heck yea! I guess if I ever want cuter Pusheen shirts, I’ll just have to actually buy them individually.

I love bento boxes. They are great. As for the utensils…meh. They’re plastic but I feel like they are weak, so who knows how easily they will break. Maybe they will live in my bag in case of emergency.

The new bento box is HUGE compared to the one I usually use. I guess I do have a few larger ones also, but this one has two layers! I could put so much food in it! And it has the elastic band (the old one used to have an elastic band but I lost it).

Oh goodness, the bottle opener is cat shaped AND magnetic.  And much cuter than a bottle opener I would buy at the store.

Not really sure why I would want or need a bluetooth speaker. The postcard included said it is so I can take the “party” with me. Uh what?  I guess now if I want to play music from my phone without using the phone’s speaker. I wonder if I can connect it to my computer, and then can play music from my laptop in a different room. Not that it matter much since the other room I would even play music in is about to be given to my brother.

Oh boy, another Pusheen vinyl I am …okay with. I am thinking of selling them, actually. I checked eBay for prices and apparently the very first one goes for around $100. Wow, do people actually pay that much? Is that Pusheen vinyl really that rare??

In case I ever want to have a party (hah), here are some balloons and pennants and props for a photo booth. Oh I know, I can use them for my graduation party….when I graduate….eventually. T_T Don’t remind me of my impending doom.

Which is why I have to cancel this box subscription for now. It was my first one, and the last one to be unsubscribed. Maybe in 2018, I will start fresh with it, and even buy it by the year so I can get that slight discount.  But if there was ever any cutesy subscription box to get, the Pusheen Box is the best one. It may be more expensive and doesn’t arrive as often as the other ones, but it has quality stuff that I use in my everyday life. The umbrella, apron, water tumbler, now a bottle opener, a few shirts, a notebook, and so on. This is the best subscription box. The only reasons I would discontinue it are money (like now) or eventually deciding that I have too much Pusheen stuff.


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