Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK

Actually, it got here last week, but life has been hectic. Of course, I took it out and lovingly examined it before putting it back in my closet.  This is the first AP dress I bought at it’s initial release. This is not happening again, not for a long time anyway.

It is so pink. The cats are so cute, but they distract from all the roses on this dress. YES of course there is another rose dress. I feel like this dress is slightly shorter than Rose Museum. This dress does have pockets, so that is always a good thing.

The bows have little pearls on them, and more lace with roses on it. The buttons (which are decorative only), are also roses.

The top bows are also covered in lace.

I kind of like the pattern on the waist ties, however they do not have lace on the ends. I think every other Angelic Pretty dress I own (I am now up to 5 dresses) has lace on the end of the waist ties. For some reason, this bothers me slightly that there is none on these waist ties.

Lace details are very important. Pink matching lace with little bows and ribbons! And you can kind of see “AP” stitched in as well.

I did not buy the cat ear headband that goes with it, because I didn’t like it. But then realized that I needed something to put on my head, so I got out my trusty Cat’s Broom flower headband, and ta-da! Close enough! Pinks match, and roses on both. Maybe not the same color of rose….but oh well. (*-`ω´- )人 In the future, I will look for a rose headband that has a pink rose as opposed to a white one.

I don’t have a full coord put together for this dress yet, but I am planning on wearing it to one of the days of Paradiso. For the other day of Paradiso, either the Krad Lanrete dress that has been shipped and is on it’s way here (eventually ;__;) or I will figure something else out. Maybe try blue Rose Museum again but with those shoes that arrived too late.


2 thoughts on “Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK

  1. What a cutie! Thanks to my stupid country’s GDP buying brand directly form the store or in mint condition is out of the question but if I find a cat or rose theme dress in Closet Child I will make sure to catch it. You can never have enough pink or enough cats in your Lolita wardrobe (or in your life).

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