Krad Lanrete – Beauty and the Beast JSK II

Blessed am I, for I got this Krad Lanrete before the heat death of the universe!

This is definitely not the nicest picture, but I am too excited to talk about this dress. But first, let’s talk about fabric. This is not some floofy light chiffon. Oh no, this is a heavier cotton fabric, but the lining is polyester.  This is the pink (more like pink-ish lilac really) colorway. It reminds me of the fabric used in AP True Rose Story, which is also a heavier fabric.  I checked for pockets, alas there are none.

Here is the back, where there is some shirring and some ribbon lacing. I already took it out and re-did it so you would tie at the bottom rather than the top.  Interestingly, there is some lace at the top of the shirring panel that is not present anywhere else on the dress. Kind of off to me, but whatever.  It stretched quite a bit, so I am not too worried about this being too small. There is a hidden side zipper, and those are usually a pain though.

Here is the front bow. It is not detachable, and has pretty lace on the bow and as a little cravet-sort of decoration. Again, this lace is unique from all the other laces used in this dress. Then there are two little bows at the waist which are…silly to me.

As I have discussed before, the JSK II cut is the more boring of the cuts. JSK I has the cute bow on the front and little chiffon side poofs. But the reason I love this dress is because of the print. There are four little drawings they have, and this one is my favorite, of the Beauty looking in the mirror. There are some little gold specks on the fabric, and they are SHINY IN REAL LIFE.

Panel with the Beauty AND the Beast. And this isn’t even my favorite fairy tale. The art style of having the people draw and then no features on their faces and being all blacked out reminds me of an anime that I really love, Revolutionary Girl Utena (tl;dr: Girl wants to find her prince, so instead she becomes a prince, sword fights a lot of people, saves a witch and somehow there was a movie where everyone turned into cars for the final battle. Good stuff).

Third panel of the Beauty and her no-longer-beastly Prince. I didn’t bother taking pictures of the fourth panel because it is almost the same as the first one I took pictures of, but she is going up some stairs instead of looking into a mirror. And again, there are many rose motifs and patterns on this dress.

Waist ties are pretty simple, pattern on both sides but no lace trim. Also, like almost every waist tie I have encountered, they are removable.

This is the lace that is at the bottom of the dress.  I like it, but also think that they could have used the lace style from the cravet for the hem instead. This lace is nice too, and JSK I doesn’t have lace at the hem, but instead it has a weird chiffon ruffle. I suppose a good thing about this hem is that I could wear this dress out with a jacket or cardigan over the top to make it more casual (compared to bows and frills EVERYWHERE). That was one of the reasons I picked the more simple cut. Also cheaper.

And now the flower headband! Like most flower headbands, it has large flowers and lace, and a veil. A veil hemmed in rickrack. Okay.

Also a matching bow and small pearl chain. Lovely. However, the actual headband part feels very delicate. It is very comfortable on my head (what, of course I try on new headbands and bows when I get them!), but I worry that this may be easily crushed or something could be done to break it. Also makes me worry about the other Krad Lanrete head piece I am waiting on.

It’s certainly no Aurelia Lost at Sea, and I’ll have to see how comfy it is to wear, but I am pretty happy with this dress thus far. I’m glad it got here, because I am hoping to wear it to Paradiso later this month.


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