Spring Tea Party Meet

Today was my group’s spring birthdays meet, which was at Anna Marie’s Tea House, which is associated with a tea shop of the same name. They have very good tea, and I first got to try it at the tea festival I went to last year.  They host tea parties regularly and also do private events.

I am still curious as to find out if anyone actually has a spring birthday. Oh well. Good excuse to dress up and drink tea in public regardless.

I feel like I am definitely getting better at this. I do need better tights, and am working on it (even if it means buying tights and having to convert them somehow). I was also thinking of how I ought to describe my style. I feel like it is sweet lolita, but not the over the top uguu-kawaii type, so maybe classic-sweet lolita?

So Rose Museum JSK is extra comfy. Fits well, even though I feel like the bodice is a little short. This might just be tall person problems.

Here is a selfie to give a slightly better example of hair and headbow styling.   My face is not always an alpaca, but it is here.

At the tea party, we had the CUTEST tea. The tea cups were cute, and we were served a sample of white champagne raspberry tea to go along with a mini fruit bowl. Then so many snacks. Cucumber sandwiches and a red pepper sandwich, many little pastries and scones and such.

Ta-da, the menu. This place really reminds me of a little tea house in the town I went to college in, except it closed down. T_T If it was still open, I bet I could have invited other people in my group to go have tea there.

Look at this cute food. The scone was my favorite, I think. Kind of makes me want to make scones sometime. But it’s best to eat them with cream (they had some at the tea party today) or lemon curd (you can buy this, but once I made it from scratch. It’s always better from scratch but man, it was a long afternoon).

The service at Anna Marie’s was really good, and there were lots of other people there for the tea (at different tables), but they thought we were all just so freaking cute.  It was a good experience, although maybe not the most cost efficient, but in the future, I would like to attend more of their tea parties.

After tea, we decided to go to a local antique shop. I really enjoy antique shops because they are filled with such weird, old items. However, I was careful to not buy anything because it would just have to be packed and moved later this year.

Top left, we have a cute cat statue that serves no purpose beyond being cute.

Top right, we have some “antique” crystal champagne glasses, wine glasses, tiny wine glasses and some other kind of glass. I put antique in parenthesis because these are the EXACT glasses we have at home. The exact ones Mom bought after Dad died…..7 years ago. I even picked some of them up to inspect them more closely. Yup. Same thing. And being sold for $7.50 each. Mom laughed when I told her this because she said she got hers for almost that much money for a pack of 6 glasses. Ha.

Bottom left is a large goose statue. Or swan. I don’t know why I felt like taking a picture of it.

Bottom right are some cute moon-shaped dishes that looked familiar to me. They are familiar because Mom has one. This is why I like antique stores- they remind me of Mom and all the antique stuff she likes.

There is supposed to be another meet next weekend (thankfully a lot closer to where I live), but there is also a Hello Kitty cafe truck coming into town, so I am unsure if this meet will be moved or cancelled. I, for one, am not particularly interested in going to a Hello Kitty cafe truck, but it is apparently something very popular thing.


One thought on “Spring Tea Party Meet

  1. Hello, ah, this post reminded me of when I was starting in lolita and strugling to name my style. I was always asking around “is this sweet or is ti classic”? I think OTT sweet really made us all confused about how sweet an outfit needed to be to be considered Ama-loli. Ha ha. Anyway, those desserts looked lovely. I miss having a Tea Party with my comm. It’s a very small comm (there’s only 3 of us and we’re always busy or broke, lol).

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