Spring Flower Meet

I love flower prints. Almost all of my dresses have flowers on them. But for some reason, I threw together today’s outfit at the last minute.  Dissertation writing and family stuff has been fairly distracting.  Also, I decided to stay up late last night working on the bag for the strawberry meet in a few weeks.

The lace is handsewn on, and is also rescued from the LE+SE bloomers I got last year that do not fit at all.

So this morning, I rolled out of bed and got my dress out and then went to redo my nails…and then this:

Behold, cat does not care.

Not even a little bit. She was all ready to eat my wristcuffs.

Today’s outfit! F+F Puck’s Prank JSK, which I feel like it has been forever since I wore it, but it was Halloween. Same damn chiffon half blouse that I always wear (and wash), same damn tights (I hear Mu Fish is a good place for tights, but someday after all my Taobao orders come in and I get that post-PhD job, I will work on this, I swear), shoes from Amazon. Yup, this was not an exciting outfit.

One thing I did try was the underskirt. It is just one of the F+F Chiffon Lover underskirts, and last time I wore this dress, I used a white one. I used the light blue one today. I was thinking it would go with the blue in the dress.  I think it worked out okay.

Hair did not want to cooperate at all. I like putting up a side bun, but if I use two hair ties, it looks super. I finally tried to secure it with a ton of bobby pins, and that worked better. I have a ton of floral headdresses, but did not want to wear them. Instead, little blue bows (to go with the underskirt ha ha) and a flower hairclip. I really wish that the storenvy store I got it from was still active.

So I dropped into lab to check an experiment and then went to the garden for the meet up.

This local garden is actually one of my favorite places, and I’ve gone there dozens of times, but never for a meet and never dressed in lolita. I should have gone earlier this year to see the trees blooming, but did not get around to it.  I will definitely have to go back later this year before moving (in the event I do end up going to a new city).

There are lots of flowers, so I took lots of flower pictures. Unfortunately, the garden is not a very large place, and there was some event occurring in the area, so it was fairly busy.  There were several people who asked for pictures or what we were dressed up for. ¬_¬ I mean, I don’t mind answering questions, but I feel a bit more weird about getting my picture taken. It’s usually grandparents who want to show it to their grandchildren though.

No one asks me questions about what I am wearing or why unless I am at a meet, or in a group with other lolitas. It’s still kind of annoying, but I can understand people being curious.

And of course, the garden cat was there. Garden Cat is darling.

For lunch, we went to a local ramen restaurant. No one else actually got ramen, which kind of confused me.  Not even the people who suggested we go there. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Uhm okay then.  I guess there were others things to order, but the restaurant is seriously 90% ramen.  There are seriously 26 different varieties of ramen. This one is the 2# Wakayama (it was delicious by the way). Last time I went to this particular location, I got the #1 Yokohama. Maybe I should just go down the list every time I go to this restaurant. Maybe I’ll eventually try all the flavors.  I did go to a branch of this restaurant in another city, but that was kind of awkward and I can’t remember what flavor I got.  Probably should not dress up to go eat ramen though, since it could get messy.

Overall, today was a lot of fun.  I’m glad this meet worked out.


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