Strawberry Tote Crafting Project

ILD this year will be a Strawberry Festival, but alas, I have no strawberry dresses STILL. So the plan is strawberry accessories. First and most importantly, a tote bag.

I followed this guide. My bag is a bit larger, and the straps were not canvas because I had trouble finding canvas straps online.

I really like the tutorial and it only took one evening to get most of it done. I used the heaviest interfacing I could find, but I think medium weight interfacing would probably be fine also. Hand-sewed the lace to the outer layer, which took awhile but it’s not bad when you turn on Netflix. I also managed to line it up so it matches on both sides!

The fabric on the inside and outside got super wrinkled in the almost step where you turn the layers inside out. I though the hole I left would be big enough, but no. So next time, I will leave a larger hole for flipping the fabric right-side out.

Then today, I made this little strawberry brooch. The strawberry is all felt, and then some lace and ribbon, and the back is another piece of felt with a small bit of interfacing attached for support. The ribbon part looks weird to me, so I may end up just pinning it to my bag and making a nicer brooch to wear on my dress.

I did finally test out a trick for working with ribbon. With some ribbon, you can prevent the ends from fraying by melting them with a lighter slightly. Be careful while doing this, because you don’t want to get caught on fire.



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