Diamond Honey Sweet Heart Summer 2WAY Blouse

Not exactly sure how this is a 2-way blouse.

I saw these online from Diamond Honey‘s Taobao shop and the colors were super amazingly cute, so I ordered some.

Got white (always get white blouses), pink, lavender and black for some reason. There is also brown, red and mint blue. I almost got the blue instead of the black.

I tried it on and it fits ok. This is just a half blouse, so it’s short, but it fits as expected. The listed size is busts of 86-120cm.  Only worry I ever have with these kinds of blouses are the elastic on the arms and if they will dig into my arm and look bad.

A better picture of the blouse.

The tag is so cute, so I am saving it.

So after I got all my blouses yesterday, I steamed them and hung them up, and then sprayed a little perfume on them to get rid of the weird plastic smell. I was then folding them to put them away, when I noticed this atrocity.

What the heck is this stain on the pink blouse already?!?! There is a second one under the ruffle as well. I checked how I hung up the blouse to make sure it wasn’t something from the plastic hanger, checked where I hung it up, checked the perfume, checked the streamer. Nope. Nothing I have done to this blouse would have caused the stain.

This is really disappointing, because I was looking forward to this blouse the most (of the Diamond Honey blouses). Not sure how visible it will be when worn under a JSK. Hopefully hidden. I don’t even know how to remove this stain. It might even be an abnormality in the fabric itself. That said, it would be entirely too much effort and chaos to try and return a $10 blouse to China, so we will suffer with the stain.

UPDATE (6/4/2017): So I wore the pink blouse for ILD, and the stain wasn’t visible. Today, I washed it in the washing machine on delicate and in the dryer on delicate…and the stain is GONE. So that is nice. So if you got a stained Diamond Honey chiffon blouse, maybe running it through the wash would be helpful.


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