Little Dipper Lace Chiffon Blouses

I want Little Dipper to be my favorite basic clothing Taobao shop. I want to like these blouses so I can in the future, buy more clothes from this shop and live out my dreams of being super cute but also comfy and basic.

I got a short sleeve blouse in black, and “lotus sleeve” (medium length) sleeve blouses in pink, white and cream. This is my first cream blouse, so that is exciting. The pink and cream blouses also have white lace on them. This blouse was also available in grey when I ordered, but decided against it.

Tried on the black blouse but not any of the others. Arm elastic is a concern, but it’s not too bad. I think over time, the elastic softens up a bit. Also, trying to slim my arms a bit too, so that will help. The larger size allows for a bust up to 120cm. It fits as expected and the fabric feels slightly heavier than the other chiffon blouses I own.

Are these not the cutest tags ever? AP doesn’t even have a cute bunny shaped tag.

Lace details are important! There are stars, because this brand is Little Dipper, like the constellation! It actually took me awhile to make that connection. Custom lace like this makes me so happy.

Comparison of the white and the cream blouses.

And now comparing the white, cream and pink. This pink is a softer pink color compared to the Diamond Honey blouse.  I can’t wait to wear these blouses, since they are so cute.

So which do I like better, the Diamond Honey blouses or these? I will make that final call after I have actually worn them. However, just from first impressions, I like these better.


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