Paradiso Outfit Planning

I might still look ita-as-heck, but I will at least look better than last year. I am also quite ill right now, so I am doing everything in my power to get better before this weekend.

Outfit 1 is Krad Lanrete Beauty and the Beast JSK with a blouse, tights, shoes and the headpiece.  Either will wear the cream Little Dipper blouse or the white Soufflesong blouse.  In this picture, it doesn’t look too different, however in person, the cream looks better with this dress. However, my boring basic white tights are still white, so that’s not great.

Shoes don’t match as well as I would like, but it appears that the “pink” of this dress is very cool, almost purple. But it’s pink, I swear to god. Considering the gold accents in the dress itself, maybe a pair of gold shoes would work better. Yet another dress I could wear gold shoes with…it must be a sign.

This is kind of gross, but I have a weird rash on one wrist (reminds me of poison ivy actually, but it can’t be cause otherwise I would have a worse reaction by now. Maybe a weird bug bite?) and cat scratches on the other (had a disagreement with a cat and lost), which is why I am considering the princess sleeve blouse at all. Maybe by this weekend, the scratches will fade enough. I just don’t want to be gross. (´ж`;)

Outfit 2 is Romantic Cat. I have it with a short sleeve blouse here, but may switch to a longer sleeve blouse depending on how I feel/scars/etc.  Also going to use the Cat’s Broom headpiece, and my new Sosic Shop shoes. Also, considering how short the dress is, I may wear a white underskirt. Or maybe the pink one. I guess I do have options. I have wristcuffs shown here, but also I think I will wear the pink and white bracelet I got at the Nakakon Tea Party, because it is cute and it might just work.

Also, the ribbons on the straps of Romantic Cat match NOTHING ELSE on the dress. What the heck AP, I don’t need your help in being unable to match pinks.

At the moment, I am thinking I will wear B&TB on Saturday and Romantic Cat on Sunday, but I may change my mind.  Both of these outfits seem pretty plain to me, but I guess I am just a plain person.

Didn’t really save up to make any major purchases this year.  If I can find some white tights that are patterned a little (like lace tights or with a subtle pattern) or some lace ankle socks, then I think I will be happy. I still don’t have a bag that really goes with any coord, so I’ll look out for any second hand bags as well. There were some Evil Live bags last year, but they were expensive AND wouldn’t match anything (but they were cool looking).  Will also look for other accessories as well.

And now back to drinking as much tea as possible and hoping the cold meds that expired a year ago still work a little bit. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) I would rather not be eating throat lozenges the entire weekend.


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