Twas the night before Paradiso….

and I had planned to do a long beauty routine and pamper myself a lot and relax.

But no, I am still battling a dang cold. This morning, I almost felt better, so I forgot to take cold medicine and now it has come back and kicked me in the face. So I am clearly not 100% over this thing yet.

I have tried everything. Cold meds. Ginger tea. Salt water. Cayenne pepper water. Sitting in a steamy shower. Napping a lot.

Apparently I am just gonna have to suffer instead.  Or I might leave early.  I want to see how the Midwest Ouji Pageant works out.  There is also a raffle which I imagine will be at the end, but I used up all of my lolita raffle luck that one time I won a parasol, so if I do miss it, I may end up giving that ticket away.

Misako save me  〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) I don’t wanna be too gross around other people!

Oh, also, it’s supposed to be thunderstorm-y in the afternoon. Crap.


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