Paradiso 2017 – day 1

I woke up today, and I felt….OKAYISH. Okay enough to go to Paradiso afterall. I am so glad; I would be upset if I paid $30 and then NOT go.

First, some details on wearing Krad Lanrete’s Beauty and the Beast. The normal waist cut still feels fairly high waist on me, but that may just be a western-body size vs eastern-body size thing. Also, I felt like the skirt was nearly too short. It says the waist is best at under 82cm, and that is a fact. I had a little trouble with the zipper, particularly at the part where it switches from skirt to bodice. Ended up totally removing the ribbon lacing on the back. Bust fit well enough. Fabric is cotton and feels pretty and the print is just so damn beautiful. But I need to go on a diet before I wear this again. Do not want to break the zipper.

For the rest of my outfit, I decided to wear the Little Dipper cream chiffon blouse, which is good cause I felt overheated a few times anyway.  The Little Dipper blouse fits perfectly, and the sleeve elastic does not bite into my arms at all.  Don’t think anyone cared too much that I have bandages on my arms. There were some people lacking petticoats or wearing normal slip on shoes, so I feel like my ita sins should be forgiven. Also, wristcuffs, white tights (yes yes I know), shoes, and the headband as pictured below.

Yay I look…okay! I didn’t do too much for makeup because I was feeling awful. However, I think I looked pretty decent today.  However, I know my picture was taken today so it’s a matter of time before people comment. On the other hand, I might be so un-noteworthy that I’ll be ignored. That is cool too.

Drove down to the Hotel Phillips and found parking a block away in a garage. I always worry about parking at these sorts of things.

Fancy lobby.

Fancy tiny elevator.

Fancy lobby couch.

This year, they let us wait in the lobby instead of outside (last year, it was hot and the event space didn’t have a lobby and it was awful to wait outside, but also I got there way too early so this year, I tried to get there just shortly before General Admittance) and it was glorious. Around 11:30am, we got to go downstairs to a basement event room. All I could think was that we were in a “loli basement”.

Snacks! The actual tea party is tomorrow, so today, we were only offered refreshments of cookies, macarons, more cookies, water, soda and tea. This was fine, and I knew ahead of time that we would not get a real ‘lunch’ but I was hungry by the time I got home. To be fair, I looked at the catering options offered by the Hotel Phillips, and even this much catering (i.e. something that could easily be grocery store cookies and frozen macaroons) was stupidly over priced. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I’m not upset though. Actually, being able to grab as much water as I wanted was handy because I was a disgusting mess.

Yum, snacks. Actually, they were pretty good. I hope that if anyone was diabetic, they had planned to eat before/after because I don’t think any of this would have been good for them. This, of course, is just a random showerthought in my head.

As for vendors, I was a little disappointed. Lolita Collective was there and had tights and socks, but none in colors I wanted, so I didn’t complete my quest for tights and socks. Teal Slather, who has done the art for Paradiso the past few years, had a booth. Papercute also had a very cute booth. I’ll show off what I bought later. There were a few other booths of artwork, a very gothy booth I wasn’t interested in, one with soaps and cosmetics and a cute themed one that seemed to sell exclusively earrings.  Overall, there was not much that I really cared to buy this year, aside from the few things I did buy.

Papercute’s Booth! Okay, I lied, I kinda want the giant rainbow alpacasso bag in this picture, but I would never use it, so I was responsible and didn’t buy it.

Wunderwelt sponsored a consignment shop, so that was interesting to look at, but I didn’t have plans of any major purchases. Anyway, I feel uncomfortable buying a dress on the spot without doing any research into sizing.

So the room was set up (in the loli basement, hah) with vendors around the edge of the room, and chairs for the VIPs. Everyone else gets to stand.

I am super cool with VIPs getting the front rows, but it would have been nice to have a place to sit during the 4.5 hour event. I suppose if I was reaaaaally tired, I could go back to the lobby to sit, and I’m sure no one would say anything if I did just find a chair and sit in it. I just don’t wanna break any rules. However, the basement room wasn’t that big so having chairs for everyone would have made it more crowded.

As for the main events of the day, there was a Fashion show and the Midwest Ouji-sama Pageant. The fashion show had the indie Lolita brands Eat Me Ink Me, Mossbadger, Mighty Kingdom and I Do Declare, and the indie J-fashion-that-is-definitely-not-lolita-but-also-unsure-what-it-is Crystal Arcade. The lolita brands are all more gothic or classic, and were pretty nice. There was one Mighty Kingdom dress I really liked. And then everything from Crystal Arcade looked like…pastel decora clubware. It felt a little out of place to me, but I should remember Paradiso is for all J-fashion, not just lolita.

The Midwest Ouji-sama Pageant was hilarious and awesome. (Ouji is the boy-style equivalent to lolita, so generally a blouse, vest and shorts. Also lots of capes and gloves and fancy accessories. Longer pants make me think it is more EGA/elegant gothic aristocrat.) Apparently one of the committee members had this idea, and though that one of the special guests would make a perfect judge, and then later found out that the special guest had a similar idea, and ta-da! So there were 6 Princes who had to present their outfit, woo a Princess and answer a random question. They all did a pretty good job, although one of the Princes seemed overly cringey to me, like trying to be extra edgy and emo, and then another Prince woo’d their prince with a poem that included the line “the pussy is too good”, or something similar. Ergh. Isn’t that a bit….LEWD?! ಠ▃ಠ But the crowd though it was hilarious, as did the judges. Maybe I am just a cranky old lady. However, prince in shironui won and that makes me happy. They looked great and their woo-ing was beautiful and they stayed in character the whole time and I was impressed.

After the pageant, there was a raffle (I won nothing, but almost all the prizes were “Brand Whore” pins and I would rather not win that anyway. There were a few Kuma Crafts necklaces for prizes and omg that would have been awesome to win.) and then the last hour of the event was to mingle and shop some more.

When we first got in, there was a good 45 minutes to mingle and shop, and between the fashion show and pageant, and between the pageant and raffle/awards, more time to mingle and shop. So after the awards, I went home because there wasn’t any more shopping I wanted to do and I was tired. There were a few people I knew there, so I talked to them a little bit, but for the most part, I was all mingle-d out. So I went home.

And finally, my haul, which is sadly lacking in anything I planned to buy.

Some mini plush cats from the Papercute Booth because cats. I can attach them to the handle of my parasol and THAT can help differentiate my Lolita Collective Parasol from the other identical ones other people have!

Speaking of Lolita Collective, I bought a strawberry ring and a seashell ring from them. Strawberry for next week’s strawberry meetup, and seashell to go with my Aquarium Carnival OP. The stationary and tote bag are from Teal Slather’s booth. I guess I have a thing for cute tote bags. And stationary.

Last year, Paradiso was a ~5 hour event, with a fashion show, tea party and guest Q&A all on the same day and then an art museum and picnic on the second day. This year, the fashion show is one day, while the tea party and guest Q&A are a different day. I like this format better, primarily because it means the tea party will have better food.

Oh, I guess there is a Coordinate contest tomorrow too, but I don’t give a damn about that.

So far this year, Paradiso has been awesome. I probably should have gone for a VIP ticket after all, perhaps just so I could have a chair to sit in °˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖° and I bet the goodie bags are better too. A girl I know (sort of) was a VIP this year (again) and I should have asked what was in it. Maybe tomorrow. There were some bags leftover too. I should have peaked in one. I am very excited for the Tea Party tomorrow. Please please please be actual nice tea and not just grocery store tea!


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