Summer Dresses pt 2: So many Mermaids

I could have made this all one post, but the sheer number of mermaid prints and seashell purses this summer are RIDICULOUS.

First, we have a print by r-series. We have JELLYFISH and SEA CASTLES.

A whale! Ribbons!

There appears to be an OP (not shown because I couldn’t fit into it anyway) and I think this may be the JSK with a sheer bolero. Again, these are early images and I am unsure of what the cut looks like.

But this is screaming ‘Lost at Sea 2.0’ to me.

r-series is a taobao brand that seems to be one of the higher tier brands, like Krad Lanrete and Citanul. So this dress is similar to those in price (but hopefully without the reseller nonsense). Looking at a recent dress, it looks like I could fit into this dress (theoretically).  But did I mention JELLYFISH? ON THIS DRESS?

Das Lied Der Elfen also has a mermaid print. Not sure how I feel about the bodice being in the shape of a seashell, but otherwise, this is adorable.

(Are those wristcuffs on her ankle?!?)

Also with jellyfish!

And mermaid ruins?! Also, the scalloped hem is very cute! I don’t think I have personally seen that on a dress before, but I am absolutely sure this is nothing novel. I just think it’s neat.

I haven’t seen any pictures of the lighter blue colorway (like in this image), but it is much cuter, I think.  That seashell eyepatch is hilarious though.

ToAlice Mermaid Princess dress, but can’t find other images or even the link on their taobao.  It’s cute, but I am suspicious about anything from ToAlice fitting me, and I am not super fond of this colorway anyway.

And now onto the 4 sea-shaped bags.

Top two are by MilkyWay, and it appears the Jellyfish bag is no longer available, but the sea shell bag (called “Tears”) should be up soon. And then on the bottom left is a sea shell bag by NanNanSpecial, called Daughter of the Sea. It is currently for preorder. Finally, ToAlice also has a sea shell bag, because it’s the hip new thing.

What brand is going to come out with a mermaid sea print next? HMMM


Summer Dresses pt 1: Many Faeries edition

Moonlight Forest is gearing up to re-release “Poetry of the Fantasy City”.

Wait. Is THAT what it’s called??

Yea, I guess last time I thought it was called Fantasy Castle. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ It is so pretty and I want it, but am I really the type for overly dreamy pastel dresses? Will I ever figure out what the real name of this print is?? I really want it, but that is a theme for this entire blog really (tl;dr- look at this dress I want!). I wanted this dress when it was released last year!

Next, we have the non-print version of Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Forest. This is the only picture I’ve seen so far, but I am liking the pink dress in the bottom left corner. Still need to wear my long OP (I’ve been busy…) but I am tempted to get a JSK from this series. Maybe clearer pictures or sizing will change my mind. The top left dress looks less like any of the cuts from the print series and more like one of the Cinderella/Duchess custom dresses LE&SE released recently.  Preorders start June 28 (Chinese time) and go until July 5, so about a week. ⊙︿⊙

Finally, the brand Secret Garden has a poll on Weibo (Chinese Facebook) for colorways for this print, Flower Fairy. Not sure what cuts or sizing will be, but this is so cute!

The mint and the ivory look very nice here.

I like the pink, and maybe the reddish color is nice too.

I like fairy themed things. Also, mermaids, as you will see in part 2!

Ribbon Berry GO TO HELL



You guessed correctly, ME.

AHHH ANGELIC PRETTY GO TO HELL FOR TORTURING ME LIKE THIS ;___; I mean, I am still 2cm too big for the JSK, and I do NOT need to be spending that kind of money on a dress. Not right now. So it is actually a blessing that I am unable to buy this dress right now. Plus, I get to go to the zoo tomorrow. THE ZOO.

If it was a special set, I would be all over it and resetting passwords and everything. But nah. U__U If AP had not JUST announced this TODAY, then I may even have been able to plan a little. But nah.

Also, AP’s Pre-Summer Sale started yesterday, and guess what was somehow restocked and 20% off? ROMANTIC FREAKING CAT.

I mean, if I was rich, I would have used the opportunity to buy it in lavender, but then I remember that the JSK is a bit short on me and the fabric is just okay. :S

SO again, waiting on special sets for Romantic Cat AND Ribbon Berry Bunny, if AP wants my money for prints they already released.

There ARE two special sets being released in two hours, an ivory Eternal Carnival OP and a pink Eternal Carnival JSK. For a moment, I considered the JSK, but after looking at the print a bit more, I am not.  Carnivals and merry-go-rounds, while cute, are not my thing. I do know someone who likes similar prints so I am kinda hoping that she will be able to jump on this opportunity.

Sweet and Elegant Activities for when your internet dies

My internet has been dead 2 day thanks to a thunderstorm somehow besting Google Fiber. Luckily, my mother still buys her own internet in addition to my internet, which is how I can post (after setting up internet sharing and messing with other settings she was unaware existed).

So what kind of activities can one do offline and isolated from the digital world?

  • Write in your journal.
  • Take pictures of cute things and NOT post them online (yet)
  • Actually work on sewing and embroidery projects
  • Clean house
  • Do yoga
  • Draw or color in coloring books
  • Garden (unless it is hot as sin and bright as heck outside)
  • Make lists
  • Ponder topics for writing about on blog, and write about them offline (and then copy paste into word later)
  • Work on that damn dissertation
  • Bake all the sweets
  • Konmari your wardrobe
  • Drink tea
  • Try to not waste too much of the mobile data plan

I really hope my internet service gets fixed tomorrow. All I can do is wish the repair guys luck, I guess.

UPDATE: Woke up and the internet was fixed. Yay

Lethargic summer times

I guess ILD was only two weeks ago, but it feels like it’s been forever since I wore any lolita clothes.  I briefly considered wearing something super toned down for today, but decided it is too damn hot. It’s already +90F and it’s only the middle of June! I can’t stand this! I am still a bit cautious about wearing it around my non-lolita friends, since it might attract attention to them that they would be uncomfortable with. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I wonder if I am feeling so antsy because instead of going to meets (I think there was one today but I originally was going to help a friend move today, but I helped her yesterday so I could see my old friends today). I will try again in July, except both coms have scheduled a meet at the same bakery one day apart. Can I really eat donuts two days in a row? Absolutely. But do I want to dress up in many frilly layers in the middle of July to do so?

๏_๏ I am still undecided. It’s so hot and my house barely has AC so even getting ready for a meet would be torture.

Today, I went to go see my college friend who is back in her hometown for about 2 weeks.  We had a great time!

There is a little donut shop in town that we always meet up at, so the other out of town friends and I have an easy place to park our cars. But also, donuts. I am pretty proud of myself because I only bought this one cream cheese donut. Most years, we end up getting a ton and stuffing our faces.

We did do to lunch right after donuts. My friend from this town told us about this bistro that has 5 different kinds of Asian cuisine, so we went there (mostly because no one else wanted to pick and that was the last place I remember her talking about). It was delicious! There was egg drop soup (not pictured), and I got the galbi (ribs) bento box. Included is kimchi (I ate one bite and that is about all I can handle), vegetable tempura, some gyoza (dumplings), rice and a small slice of roll cake. It was so delicious, and almost too much food. I made sure to finish the meat though- it was amazing.

Also, restaurant bento box lunch specials are so fun to eat because you get to try a bunch of things.

After stuffing our faces, we explores some shops, such as the yarn shop we always ALWAYS go to (my friends like to knit and crochet….I embroider….), and then to the British food shop, which means, of course, I had to buy tea.

Tea enthusiasts seem to say that PG tips and Yorkshire are very good tea brands that normal people drink in the UK, so giving it a shot. Literally cannot mess this up. Also, a variety tin from The English Cream Tea Company with 4 different flavors of tea. Cream tea doesn’t refer to a beverage called ‘cream tea’, but a small afternoon meal, where you drink tea and have scones with clotted cream and jam.

Also I bought shortbread, in memory of the one time I tried to bake shortbread and failed spectacularly.

After a little shopping, we went and got ice cream.  I would have taken a picture, but I was busy eating ice cream.

Neverland Soufflesong Strawberry Rabbit Pt2: OPs

Earlier this year, Rose’s Valley and Neverland/Soufflesong collaborated to make the print Strawberry Rabbit, and released 2 JSKs and a skirt.  They are all sold out now, which is sad because I loved it. It was cute. It had bunnies, and strawberries, was not awfully expensive and looked cute. But I did not buy either because I though I had more time, and I thought that it could wait until after I get a job.


But behold, the print is back, in OP and salopette form.

Not a huge fan of salopettes, since they require full blouses and I still don’t have many of those.

This is the long sleeve OP. It is cute, and I though it was another JSK cute. If it was a JSK, I would have no worries. However, the worry with OPs is shoulder width. They don’t even have one listed ;___;

Short sleeve OPs are a bit easier even with the shoulder width issue. It looks flexible. It looks cute. It would fit.

It’s so pink and perfect.

But ultimately, I still liked the JSKs better, and I should have bought them. Actually, I should have gotten 1 JSK in pink, 1 in apricot/cream/ivory, and then I could get this short sleeve OP in mint. And then my life would be complete, in regards to this print. And then I could buy a ton of the cherry deer dresses.

But no, I am saving money right now, so this entire post is just me moping over how I cannot buy any of these prints. ;___;

Fanplusfriend what the heck

Lately, F+F has had some really wonky, very much not-lolita releases.  However, as of late, there are a few releases that look pretty nice.

This is really nice. Of course, wear a blouse with it. It could be a nice classical or gothic lolita dress. Without a blouse, I guess one could style it as plain goth and not gothic lolita. But the irregular skirt and some of the fabric is a bit sparkly, so I really like it. I would consider buying this, except for the whole “not-buying-more-stuff” kick.

Oh look, a more Rococo-styled dress, so possibly good for hime (princess) style. The pink and white is nice, but not sure how I feel about the purple and grey. It looks kind of comfortable too.

It’s pretty. However, not really enough that I would want to buy it. Not unless there was a HUGE sale.

Another Rococo/hime-style dress, but with a stained glass print. One caveat is the ruffley part of the skirt is a separate skirt. So this could be kind of flexible, or it could be weird.  Personally, not a fan of stained glass prints,or the alternating lace fabric with plain fabric.

The grey-black colorway seems kind of awkward.  I think a darker grey would look nicer. Also, the ruffles at the elbows are just gross.

What the fresh hell is this. Same stained glass fabric, but there is a shiny, terrible overlay layer over pretty much the entire dress. Why. WHY. You know the lace fabric that was used in the cut above? Make the overlay out of that, and even then, this would be weird and awkward. I don’t understand what was going on with this dress at all.

Last but not least, there is this black empire style dress that is absolutely not lolita at all. Maybe EGA, but more importantly, I think this looks cute and also comfortably. I would buy this dress just to lounge around in and be comfy, but it is kind of pricey for some casual clothes. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Unfortunately, F+F no longer gives any normal names to the dresses (“Vintage Rococo Lolita Retro Midi Dress Wedding Dress Ladies Summer Prom Dress Pink Lilac”, perfect for search terms but a crap way to name a dress).