Calamine lotion hell

I am itchy. My eyelid is swollen for reasons beyond me.  I have poison ivy on my face, but it’s almost gone, but I still do not want to mess around with makeup. It is hot outside.

So even though one of the two coms decided to reschedule their ILD from the distant Strawberry Fest to the Art Museum that is within spitting distance of my house (and thus incredibly convenient for me), I am staying home.

Okay, I am going to leave the house quite a bit actually. Grocery shopping and then to my favorite pastry shop. I might even wear Romantic Cat again, but I want to do a much more toned down outfit. Jeez, if I had socks, I’d go the sock route.

I just don’t feel like driving far away to an outdoor festival when it will be 88F out and can’t wear makeup because my face is being stupid. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I’ll have other chances to hand out with people in the future.


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