Summer Dresses pt 1: Many Faeries edition

Moonlight Forest is gearing up to re-release “Poetry of the Fantasy City”.

Wait. Is THAT what it’s called??

Yea, I guess last time I thought it was called Fantasy Castle. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ It is so pretty and I want it, but am I really the type for overly dreamy pastel dresses? Will I ever figure out what the real name of this print is?? I really want it, but that is a theme for this entire blog really (tl;dr- look at this dress I want!). I wanted this dress when it was released last year!

Next, we have the non-print version of Long Ears and Sharp Ears Kingdom of Forest. This is the only picture I’ve seen so far, but I am liking the pink dress in the bottom left corner. Still need to wear my long OP (I’ve been busy…) but I am tempted to get a JSK from this series. Maybe clearer pictures or sizing will change my mind. The top left dress looks less like any of the cuts from the print series and more like one of the Cinderella/Duchess custom dresses LE&SE released recently.  Preorders start June 28 (Chinese time) and go until July 5, so about a week. ⊙︿⊙

Finally, the brand Secret Garden has a poll on Weibo (Chinese Facebook) for colorways for this print, Flower Fairy. Not sure what cuts or sizing will be, but this is so cute!

The mint and the ivory look very nice here.

I like the pink, and maybe the reddish color is nice too.

I like fairy themed things. Also, mermaids, as you will see in part 2!


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