Summer Dresses pt 2: So many Mermaids

I could have made this all one post, but the sheer number of mermaid prints and seashell purses this summer are RIDICULOUS.

First, we have a print by r-series. We have JELLYFISH and SEA CASTLES.

A whale! Ribbons!

There appears to be an OP (not shown because I couldn’t fit into it anyway) and I think this may be the JSK with a sheer bolero. Again, these are early images and I am unsure of what the cut looks like.

But this is screaming ‘Lost at Sea 2.0’ to me.

r-series is a taobao brand that seems to be one of the higher tier brands, like Krad Lanrete and Citanul. So this dress is similar to those in price (but hopefully without the reseller nonsense). Looking at a recent dress, it looks like I could fit into this dress (theoretically).  But did I mention JELLYFISH? ON THIS DRESS?

Das Lied Der Elfen also has a mermaid print. Not sure how I feel about the bodice being in the shape of a seashell, but otherwise, this is adorable.

(Are those wristcuffs on her ankle?!?)

Also with jellyfish!

And mermaid ruins?! Also, the scalloped hem is very cute! I don’t think I have personally seen that on a dress before, but I am absolutely sure this is nothing novel. I just think it’s neat.

I haven’t seen any pictures of the lighter blue colorway (like in this image), but it is much cuter, I think.  That seashell eyepatch is hilarious though.

ToAlice Mermaid Princess dress, but can’t find other images or even the link on their taobao.  It’s cute, but I am suspicious about anything from ToAlice fitting me, and I am not super fond of this colorway anyway.

And now onto the 4 sea-shaped bags.

Top two are by MilkyWay, and it appears the Jellyfish bag is no longer available, but the sea shell bag (called “Tears”) should be up soon. And then on the bottom left is a sea shell bag by NanNanSpecial, called Daughter of the Sea. It is currently for preorder. Finally, ToAlice also has a sea shell bag, because it’s the hip new thing.

What brand is going to come out with a mermaid sea print next? HMMM


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