Second laziest month

During July and August, I want to do nothing but sit in front of the AC and internet. Instead, one of the coms is planning a meet for every weekend and I should probably try to go meet these people and be social, but I just want to stay home. >_>

In short, there is a crepe meet, a donut meet, a arboretum meet, another meet in Lawrence and a picnic meet. These are all things I want to do (eat crepes, eat donuts, look at trees, I guess Lawrence is pretty cool and I could spend even MORE money at that tea shop ha ha, picnics involve food and I like to eat) but also, I am lazy and boring and tired. And all of these would involve planning outfits, so I guess perhaps a good excuse to wear some dresses I have not worn in a long time.

So pretty much, a bunch of F+F dresses! Left to right: Puck’s Prank OP, both Chiffon Lover JSKs, and Enchanted Forest JSK. Grabbed some blouses that would look fine with these. From left to right: Chiffon Lover Blouse, Little Dipper in pink and cream, and the one chiffon dotted blouse with no brand.

I could either wear basic tights, or I ordered some socks and I figure they won’t get here in time for some of the meets, but I could wear them later. I got a bunch of colors, and they were super cheap. So legwear is solved except that I will have to suffer wearing tights in JULY due to poor planning.

I still do not have the right color of shoes. Next on my list of shoes is to get light blue shoes (to match 3 of these dresses) and lavender shoes (for that last dress and a few other things I own). I can wear pink shoes for now with the lavender dress because of the pink blouse (hah), but for the other dresses….ha ha whoops. Even ordering blue shoes TODAY would mean it would take a good 3 weeks to get them from Sosic Shop. Plus the meets at the Arboretum and Lawrence mean walking, which mean no heels because I am not a masochist.

I should go ahead and buy these blue shoes anyway. They are gonna be comfy and easy to walk in and will match all the blue dresses I buy because I forget that I am building my wardrobe about pink.

Sosic shop SHOWS they can make lavender (periwinkle?) shoes but apparently it is a deal where you have to contact them. In the future, I will deal with that. But here is proof they DO make lavender/periwinkle colored shoes, and I will buy them some time. I mean, Antaina definitely has lavender shoes, and the Antaina shoes I have are comfy enough (haven’t worn them out yet, just around the house) but I am just so in love with this one shop that I want to support them.

So what’s left is…hair accessories. Which I do not own in light blue. What the heck, how did this happen. I have some clips that kind of work with the lavender dress, but for the blue dresses…what the heck did I do before???  o___o


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