Lazy Sunday

Contrary to the title, I actually cleaned house, ran errands and am just now able to actually be lazy.  Paid for my Taobao order of shoes, petticoats and a few hair accessories (this is my cheat fun purchase of the month!) and then decided to go through and organize my current hair accessories.  At the moment, they were all thrown together in a bag hanging in my closet, but that’s kind of lame.

Wristcuffs all together in one box, headbands (both hair bows and floral headdresses) all propped up in a plastic box, and little barrettes in an old bento box that is lacking the elastic so it doesn’t stay closed.  I have some larger hair barrettes and a veil tucked in under the hairbows also.

I like being able to see my head accessories like this, but also, I would like to keep them protected from dust. For now, the box will go in a cabinet.  Also thinking I may just wear a pink dress for upcoming events and then can save the blue dresses I am thinking about for later meets. August is pretty hot and terrible too, after all.


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